Gunfights erupt during protests in Beirut, 5 dead

loading… BEIRUT – At least five people were killed on Thursday (14/10/2021) and more than 30 others were injured when gunfights erupted during protest action calling for the removal of a judge presiding over an investigation into Deadly explosion at Beirut port last August 2020. The Lebanese Red Cross reports five people killed during clashes […]

Massive Fire Destroys Lebanese Oil Refinery, Days After Total Power Outage

loading… BEIRUT – A large fire destroys a fuel oil (BBM) storage tank near the Zahrani power plant in Lebanon South. The tragedy on Monday (11/10/2021) is just a few days after Lebanon went into complete darkness as the same facility, as well as one other facility, was closed. “The Lebanese army rushed to evacuate […]

Iranian tanker unloads oil for Lebanon in Syria

loading… DAMASCUS – One tanker Iran is unloading gasoline at the port of Baniyas, Syria, destined for neighboring Lebanon. News agency Reuters reported on the online oil shipment tracking service on Tuesday (14/9/2021). “Unable to ship directly by sea to Lebanon due to sanctions, the ship instead went to Baniyas, Syria, for land transfers,” […]

Angry Villagers, Block Hezbollah Rocket Launching Trucks, Fearing Israel’s Response

loading… BEIRUT – Hezbollah fighters experience backlash in Lebanon south as villagers confronted the group’s members while moving rockets and rocket launchers. Villagers blocked trucks and vehicles carrying Hezbollah rockets and rocket launchers. The video footage of the Hezbollah truck intercepting the villagers also went viral on social media. On Friday (6/8), a crowd of […]

The US Causes All the Suffering in Lebanon

loading… BEIRUT – Head of the Executive Council of the resistance movement Lebanon , Hizbullah , Hashim Safi Al-Din said all the suffering in Lebanon today is directly or indirectly caused by United States of America (AS). “Today, the one destroying Lebanon is the United States, which continues to meddle in the affairs of this […]

Not because of Corona, this is the ‘Hell’ Lebanese Crisis Chronology

Jakarta – Lebanon is experiencing a severe economic crisis. Before the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic in early 2020, the country was already struggling to show signs of destruction. Quoted by the BBC, Sunday (11/7/2021), initially in early October 2019 the country was short of foreign currency, thus making the pound currency value Lebanon weakened against […]

This is the cause of the Lebanese crisis that makes it sad

Jakarta – The economic crisis in Lebanon make the condition of the country like hell. Prior to the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic in early 2020, Lebanon was already showing signs of collapse. In early October 2019, the country was short of foreign currency, causing the Lebanese pound to weaken against the United States (US) dollar. […]