Iran asks why Israel is free to go on a nuclear rampage without surveillance

loading… TEHERAN – Israel has long accused Iran of wanting nuclear weapons. The Zionist regime also lobbied the United States (US) to withdraw from the landmark nuclear agreement on Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects accusations that its peaceful nuclear program has a military aspect. Tehran pointed to Israel’s own alleged nuclear stockpile, which […]

Iranian tanker unloads oil for Lebanon in Syria

loading… DAMASCUS – One tanker Iran is unloading gasoline at the port of Baniyas, Syria, destined for neighboring Lebanon. News agency Reuters reported on the online oil shipment tracking service on Tuesday (14/9/2021). “Unable to ship directly by sea to Lebanon due to sanctions, the ship instead went to Baniyas, Syria, for land transfers,” […]

Time to Save the Nuclear Deal is Running Out

loading… WASHINGTON – Minister of Foreign Affairs United States of America (USA) , Antony Blinken warns Iran that the time to save the nuclear deal is running out. Indirect talks to save the deal have stalled since last June. “I won’t set a date, but we are getting closer to the point where a strict […]

U.S. Launches Drone Task Force

loading… WASHINGTON – 5th Fleet of the Navy United States of America (USA) based in Middle East said it would launch a new task force combining random plane in the air, sailing and underwater. The task force was formed after years of maritime attacks linked to ongoing tensions with Iran . The U.S. Navy office […]

Iran Ready to Resume Nuclear Talks, But Not Under Western Pressure

loading… TEHERAN – President Iran, Ebrahim Raisi says that Tehran is ready to resume talks to revive it nuclear deal, but not under Western pressure. The indirect talks which took place in Vienna, Austria are currently on “suspended” status. Raisi also underlined that Tehran is trying to carry out negotiations that will eventually lead to […]

Responding to Biden, Iran Confirms Capable of Dealing with US ‘Other Options’

loading… TEHERAN – President United States of America (USA) Joe Biden says the US could turn to “other options” if negotiations with Iran fail. A senior Iranian official responded to Biden’s remarks by saying it was an illegal threat and Tehran had the right to respond in kind. The warning from Iran was voiced on […]

Four Iranians Accused of Conspiring to Kidnap US, Canadian and British Citizens

loading… WASHINGTON – Four citizens Iran was charged with plotting the kidnapping of a New York-based journalist. The indictment was disclosed by the Ministry of Justice United States of America (AS). The indictment did not mention the target, but Masih Alinejad, an Iranian -born writer, said it was him. The conspirators, described as intelligence officials, […]

Iranian commander urges Iraqi militia to step up attacks on US troops

loading… BAGHDAD – A senior commander of the Revolutionary Guard Iran urge the Shia militia Iraq increase attack on targets United States of America (US) during a meeting in Baghdad last week. The information was based on statements from three militia sources and two Iraqi security sources who were aware of the meeting at the […]

Iran-backed Iraqi Militia Threaten Revenge after US Strike

loading… BAGHDAD – Supported Militia Iran , the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), threatened to retaliate against United States (US) air strikes on their facilities. Five militants were killed in the attack. The PMF said the attack resulted in the “martyrdom” of a “heroic” group of fighters. “We will remain a shield in defense of our […]

We are on the verge of Civil War because of Two Powers in the Region

loading… BAGHDAD – Prime Minister (PM) Iraq Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said his country was on the verge of civil war due to clashes between armed groups. He stressed that his government faces many challenges to save the lives of the Iraqi people. Al-Kadhimi emphasized in an interview with the state-owned channel Al Iraqiya that an outbreak […]