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from Cristina Marrone

Herd immunity unattainable. The expert: The green certificate is a public health measure to limit as much as possible the transmission of the virus in community places, including offices

After health care and schoolthe green pass is mandatory it will also be extended to public workers and it does not exclude deciding on private individuals as well. really necessary?

Given that in the younger population the share of subjects not yet vaccinated is still quite significant, I would say yes Paolo Bonanni, epidemiologist, full professor of Hygiene at the University of Florence. The green pass assumes that a person is vaccine or haveto a negative swab in the past 48 hours. We know that we cannot absolutely rule out that a vaccine is not positive, but the possibility of transmission is much lower. And we also know that those with a negative swab could be infected in the hours following the test, but it is assumed that the amount of virus in the respiratory tract is not enough to infect others. The green pass then a guarantee that only people with these requirements can access to community places

, like offices, where the possibility of transmission is easier because it is closed, often crowded and where you stay for a long time

What is the scientific objective of the green pass?

The target to mitigate as much as possible the chain of spread of the virus, limit deaths as much as possible and avoid saturating hospitals and intensive care units: in this way doctors can return to deal with the many other health emergencies that have gone into the background in the last year and a half. We have seen that the vaccine is very effective in preventing serious disease: by limiting its spread, fewer and fewer people will end up in hospital.

When will it be possible to say goodbye to the green pass?

If the working population were 99% vaccinated, it would probably be cost-effective to ask for the green pass, but we are not yet in this situation.

Should we achieve herd immunity?

The famous 80% of the vaccinated population to get theherd immunity it is no longer enough because the variant

Delta very contagious
, (Cdc have estimated that a positive person can get to infect 8-9 of them), e vaccines are not 100% effective
, especially on infections: it means that contagions are possible even among vaccinated people. L’herd immunity unattainable because in theory 100% of the population should be vaccinated, and already with those exempted for medical reasons it is not possible. Instead, we will have to learn to live with the virus. We can set ourselves a goal of pandemic control, but the extinction of the virus is unlikely as it evolves and changes.

Wouldn’t it have been more useful to institute the green pass only for the population over 50, who are more at risk of serious illness?

If the green pass were asked to a person whom the state wants to protect from serious illness or death we would not be faced with a public health measure because the individual is free not to accept a cure, and this is not only true for Covid: from this point of view, freedom of choice is inviolable. We justify the green pass with the fact that it is required to avoid transmission of the infection in the community and at this moment it is the youngest, who have greater social aggregations, who lead the contagion.

Because Italy has introduced the green pass and the United Kingdom backed down?

There are countries that do not need these means because they have a greater cultural-scientific maturity. The British do not accept that the state ingests in individual choices, but on the other hand, faced with the possibility of a vaccine, they did not let themselves be begged and today they are among the most vaccinated in Europe.

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