Iran allows Greek tankers detained in May to relocate

“After several months of negotiations with Iran, the vessels ‘Prudent Warrior’ and ‘Delta Poseidon’ sailing under the Greek flag, which had been detained on May 27, were able to move today,” the ministry said in a note.

To reach an agreement, Greece’s deputy maritime affairs minister was in Tehran on Wednesday, the ministry said.

The conflict began after a Russian-flagged vessel carrying Iranian oil was detained near Athens in April.

This was done at the request of the US Treasury Department.

Greece explained at the time that it was implementing sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with its full-scale war against Ukraine.

When Athens announced it would transfer its oil to the United States, Iran landed paratroopers on two tankers delivered to Iran in the port of Bandarabas.

The vessel “Delta Poseidon” was in international waters, the Greek Foreign Ministry explained in May.

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