The last king of Greece, Constantine II, is dead

Constantine II will be buried on the grounds of his family’s former summer palace in northern Athens, government sources said. When Constantine II took the throne in 1964 at the age of 23, he was hugely popular as an Olympic gold medalist in sailing. In his first year in office, he lost much of his […]

“Charlie Hebdo” once again makes fun of the Iranian leader

“The mullahs are not happy. The caricatures of their supreme leader (..) don’t seem to have made them laugh”, reads the latest issue of the magazine, out on Wednesday. “Mocking oneself has never been a tyrant’s forte,” added the magazine’s editor, who goes by the name of Riss. Last week, “Charlie Hebdo” published the caricatures […]

In Iran, women will be severely punished for violating the hijab

“Courts should impose additional sanctions such as deportation, bans on certain professions and workplace closures,” the agency said, referring to the administration of the justice system. Iran was gripped by a widespread protest movement after 9/16 died in custody Mahsa Amini, 22 years old. She was accused of violating the dress code. Since the protests, […]