Ingrid and her killer had a “strange” relationship: neighbors

Neighbors explained to Grupo Imagen that shouts and blows were heard almost every day. Photo: Special


Dismay live the neighbors of the Vallejo colony, Mayor Gustavo A. Madero, after Erick Francisco “N”, 46 years old, will skin his partner, Ingrid Escamilla Vargas, 25 years old.

Local merchants on Tamagno Street report that they saw very little, because they almost did not leave the apartment, because the relationship of that couple was very strange.

Neighbors also explained to Grupo Imagen that almost every day shouts and blows were heard due to disputes between these two people, so this type of situation began to become common.

According to witnesses, Erick Francisco had a year living in that condominium and furnished it to later take the victim to live with him.

They even say that about a month ago, Ingrid provoked a police mobilization after trying to launch from the roof, which he did not achieve because the elements could persuade her.

Apparently, the now detained had an agreement with the concierge to not allow visits to his apartment while he went to work. Family or friends who were going to visit Ingrid had to wait for her outside in the street to see her.

Hours after the capture of the alleged murderer, experts and investigative policemen were uncovering sewers to try to locate remains of Ingrid’s body, since he declared to have disposed of some offal by throwing them into the drainage, but at no time did they find anything, which has aroused the rumor in the colony that there was something related to the crime of organ trafficking.

Outside the building there is no more cordoning or traces of expert investigations. When someone comes to touch the interphone or the main door of the building, no one responds if it is a stranger, because only those who bring a key can enter or drive through the parking lot.

The neighbors interviewed say that the atmosphere is of shock and surprise, because, although the Vallejo colony is characterized by being dangerous in terms of assaults, they had never experienced an event as macabre as the one already known.

According to the social networks of the occisa, she studied Tourism and was dedicated to placing gel nails, in addition to being a makeup artist.

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