Government move stumbles in Conagua; workers resist going to Veracruz

MEXICO CITY. The decentralization of the federal government is advancing at a forced marches, mainly due to the pandemic, as recognized by President López Obrador on July 22. It is one of the two commitments, out of 100, that he has pending. On that date he also recalled that this change must be voluntary for […]

Russians travel to Serbia in search of western covid vaccines

When the russian regulators they approved the vaccine against him coronavirus developed in the country was a moment of National proud, and the Pavlov family were among those who rushed to receive the injection. But the authorities of health international they have not yet given their blessing to Sputnik V. That is why when the […]

Minors with protection get the vaccine, but not their certificate

MEXICO CITY. The Ministry of Health denies the certificate of vaccination with QR to minors protected to be vaccinated with Pfizer. Nor are the health authorities responsible for the adverse effects that could be caused with the two applications of the vaccine. “They told us when they applied the first dose to our children, that […]

There are more than 26 thousand reactions to the vaccine; immunization against covid-19

MEXICO CITY. Since the start of vaccination in Mexico against covid-19 every day, on average, 123 Events Supposedly Attributed to Vaccination or Immunization (ESAVI) have been recorded, that is, one every 5 minutes. Pfizer, followed by Janssen, AstraZeneca, Cansino, Sputnik and SinoVac are the vaccines that have caused the most ESAVIs per thousand doses applied, […]

Interest in protection in NL grows after vaccination of the first minors

NEW LION. Parents from Nuevo León packed the headquarters of the local Congress in search of the registry to file an amparo and get their minor children to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. One day after 8 minors were inoculated thanks to the obtaining of a provisional suspension, this Friday the interest of parents grew to […]

Cuba begins covid vaccination in children and young people from 2 to 18 years old

Cuba launched on Friday a national vaccination campaign against coronavirus on children and adolescents two to 18 years of age, which the government made a condition before reopen schools. While other countries like China and Venezuela announced their intention to vaccinate children, Cuba, which faces a rise in cases that threatens its health system, is […]

Modern HIV Vaccine. AIDS mRNA vaccine trials begin

NEW YORK. The modern pharmaceutical launched his draft from mRNA vaccine against VIH / page, opening the esperanza to achieve a long-awaited medical milestone. The draft is a collaboration between Modern, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), reports the Official site Phase 1 clinical trials include […]

New York celebrates a concert with thousands of people

Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith y Paul Simon They headlined a massive concert in Central Park this Saturday to mark the “homecoming” of New York City after the devastation represented by the `Covid-19 pandemic. But a hurricane heading toward the east coast of the United States, along with a sharp increase in coronavirus cases due to […]

the only option to enjoy the Big Apple

NEW YORK. “They tell them it’s badI think that’s one thing ridiculous”. This is the to sense of hundreds of residents in the city of New York already vaccinated before increase in cases by Delta variant, especially in people who have refused to be inoculated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) they called […]