In Ukraine, 227 children have been killed and 420 injured since the start of the war

Attacks on Russian soldiers killed or injured 139 children in Donetsk region, 116 in Kiev region, 99 in Kharkiv region, 68 in Chernihiv region, 48 in Kherson region, 44 in Mykolaiv region, 45 in Luhansk region, 28 in Zaporizhia region, 17 in Sumy region , In the city of Kiev – 16 and in the Zhytomyr region – 15.

The Ukrainian authorities report that bombings and shootings have damaged 1,748 educational establishments, 144 of which have been completely destroyed.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine points out that these data are not final, as it is not possible to inspect the entire territory of the country, especially the temporarily occupied territories, as the shootings continue.

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