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Hypoxi burns fat from the stomach and thighs – 2024-04-17 20:44:56

Suvi Kuokkanen, a mother of five, who lives in Kuopio, received help from Hypox for pregnant women who did not want to go with the usual exercise and diet. With the help of Hypox, you too can still get in shape for the summer.

When Suvi Kuokkanen had her first child in 2005, she was only 19 herself. After the first child, the family grew with four more children, of which Kuopus is now two years old. Suvi has noticed that recovery from pregnancy has clearly become more difficult with age.

– In my twenties, I quickly got myself back to my old measurements and normal weight just by jogging and jogging. Now, at the age of 38, my metabolism has clearly slowed down, and the former means are no longer enough. Fat gets stuck easily, especially in the middle body, he says.

Suvi, who works as a cook, says that she has always lived a relatively healthy life. He eats versatile and regularly and moves a lot. Hobbies include dancing, body care, kettlebell training and jogging.

– Despite that, the weight stayed at the same readings for a long time after pregnancy and didn’t seem to change, no matter what I did. It was frustrating. Before my last pregnancy, however, I was ten kilos lighter.

Hypoxi melts waist fat

From Hypox, Suvi remembers reading the magazine several times, but she started to learn more about the method last Christmas. The good results of those who tested Hypox were reassuring. At the turn of the year, Suvi started her own 12-time combination cycle at Kuopio’s Hypoxi studio, where she started going 2-3 times a week.

– I decided it was a Christmas present for myself. I want to invest in health and get rid of waist fat, which is dangerous for health.

Hypoxi is designed as a precise treatment for stubborn fat deposits in the middle and lower body. Its effect is based on light fat burning exercise and variable air pressure treatment, which targets fat burning on the stomach, buttocks and thighs.

Each Hypoxi visit begins with 20 minutes of relaxation in a specially made suit that invigorates surface blood circulation with air cup massage and varying air pressure.

– I often came to the Hypoxi studio straight from my shift and I enjoyed when I first got to rest in the suit. It relaxes and feels like a nice tingling sensation on the skin.

After the suit, Suvi switched to the Hypoxi device, which resembles an exercise bike, where the training was enhanced with the help of over and under pressure.

– Although in Hypox the heart rate is supposed to be kept relatively low, when pedaling the bike, the stomach area soon started to sweat. In the same way, the heat rose in the thighs and rear, which you don’t want to get warm by jogging, for example.

Suvi did not make any radical changes to her diet. On hypoxi days, he cut out carbs and drank plenty of water. The coffee buns naturally qualified.

To the target weight with the help of Hypox

The first signs of the changes taking place in the body were felt as a headache, when the waste materials started moving.

– Apparently, this is a typical symptom for many people, which will soon level off, however, when the body gets used to Hypox.

Suvi noticed the next change in her sports watch, which showed new readings in the morning.

– With Hypox, the amount of deep sleep increased and I started to sleep better anyway. After kettlebell training, I noticed that my muscles didn’t hurt so bad anymore, and I recovered from exercise faster.

During the four weeks of Hypoxi treatment, the weight also finally started to decrease: Suvi quickly lost a good two kilos. However, the biggest change occurred in the circumference measurements, of which 25.5 centimeters melted in a month.

– The majority has started specifically from the middle body. The pants slip on more easily now and the yankek handles have also melted, Suvi says and says that this is just the beginning.

The main goal is more than a year away.

– I want my life to be in order when I turn 40. I got such a good start from Hypox that it’s good to continue.

Do you want to test Hypox? Book an appointment for a free consultation: www.hypoxi.fi

Watch the video to see what’s happening at Hypox!

What is hypoxia?

  • HYPOXI was developed by the Austrian doctor Norbert Egger already in 1998. The method is patented.
  • HYPOXI combines light exercise in HYPOXI devices, variable air pressure and a diet that supports fat burning.
  • HYPOXI targets weight loss for the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips mixed reduces cellulite.
  • HYPOXI is suitable for everyone, regardless of condition or age.
  • HYPOXI always includes guidance and dietary advice.
  • There are already 33 HYPOXI studios in a total of 30 locations in Finland.

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