He spent 155,000 and gained nothing! This is Diablo Immortal

Rubačka Diablo Immortal recorded the best start in the history of the famous series, Blizzard boasted today that the game has over 10 million downloads.

Not surprisingly, Diablo Immortal has achieved that. This is the first free game called Diablo. Everyone can download Immortal to their Android / iOS smartphone / tablet, as well as to their computer via Battle.net.

The bigger challenge for Blizzard will be keep the player. Many fans complain about unpleasant mechanisms pay-to-winwhich create a large inequality between paying players and the others, especially in PvP, where players fight against each other.

This resentment can be seen on the Metacritic server. On the well-known review aggregator, Diablo Immortal in the PC version has a user rating of 0.4, while on mobile devices it is 0.5. This is due to the presence of loot boxes in the endgame content. It was found that complete upgrade of the hero stands up to 110 thousand dollars (2.5 million crowns). This was explained by Wyatt Cheng, head of development. You can read about it here.

Another thing is not helping the popularity of Diablo Immortal now. Streamer Quin69 spent $ 6,600 (approximately $ 155,000) on microtransactions without obtaining the only legendary gem needed to upgrade the character. This only confirms the previously mentioned estimates with a price of up to 110 thousand dollars.

Free-to-play Diablo Immortal was released on June 2 this year for Android and iOS. It’s a public beta on a PC. The main story campaign is about 20 hours long. They are working on other content at Blizzard. The goal is to release a new dungeon or zone every few months, including new story content.

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