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Haifa Wehbe Stuns Audience with $400,000 Handbag in El Alamein Concert

The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe appeared to her audience from the Egyptian city of El Alamein on the northern coast, with a very bold and striking appearance, and she grabbed a handbag worth 400 thousand dollars.

Haifa, through her official account on Instagram, published pictures of her look that won the admiration of thousands of her fans, as she wore a dress marked by colorful drawings signed by Italian designer Alessandro Enriquez.

And the famous artist held in her hand a “Night Faubourg Birkin” bag from the “Hermes” house, inspired by the facades of high-end buildings, with a price of thousands of dollars.

A copy of the “Faubourg Birkin” bag was sold at a price of approximately $ 400,000 in 2022 during a private auction, and the price of the bag when designed in 2008 was $ 30,000, according to the “Sothebys” auction site.

But in 2021, Sotheby’s held an auction in Hong Kong, and the “Hermes Day Faubourg Birkin” bag was sold for approximately $ 180,000, while the price of the “Night Faubourg Birkin” bag was $ 167,000.

Haifa performed, in the city of El Alamein, on the northern coast of Egypt, a public concert last Thursday, and topped the trend on social media after many followers shared photos and videos of the concert, amid praises for the loud atmosphere, dance compasses and songs that she presented.

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