German Left-Wing Extremist Sentenced for Attacks on Right-Wing Party Members: Controversial Release Decision

FROM THE WORLD German left-wing extremist Lina E. was sentenced to five years and three months. She was accused of participating in violent attacks on alleged members of right-wing parties in several German cities, but the court let her go home after the verdict. “Disagreement with right-wing extremists is a respectable motive,” the court said. German politician Petr Bystroň is demanding the rule of law, because while Lina E. was released, the former AfD member has been in custody for half a year.

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Description: Petr Bystroň at the Brno conference on the state of the European Union entitled: Is the European Union reformable?

Twenty-year-old student Lina E. was sentenced to five years and three months by the High Regional Court in Dresden, but was released after the verdict. She had already been in custody since 2020. The federal prosecutor accused Lina E. and three other men of brutally beating suspected supporters of right-wing parties in Leipzig, Wurzen and Eisenach in 2018-2020. According to the indictment, thirteen people were injured, two of whom were in direct danger of life as a result of their injuries.

Sentencing, Judge Hans Schlueter-Staats said that “disagreement with right-wing extremists is a respectable motive” but the actions of Lina E. and her group are still considered “serious crimes”. the German newspaper Stern reported about it.

According to Torsten Umbach, a spokesman for the High Regional Court, dismissal is a standard procedure. Anyone who is serving a sentence for the first time is usually released on condition of good behavior after two-thirds of the sentence, and must serve the remaining sentence only if the verdict is final. In the case of Lina E., the court accepted the appeal, until then she can remain free. Driving may last according to the weekly schedule young freedom several months to a year, but until then Lina must report to the police twice a week.

Even Petr Bystroň, a German politician of Czech origin for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) movement, does not agree with the release of the extremist. On her Facebook, she demands the rule of law and compares the case of Lina E. with the case of former member of the federal parliament Birgit Malsack-Wunkemann (AfD). She was arrested in December 2022 during a raid against an alleged right-wing terrorist organization originating from the Reich Citizens Association.

“While the convicted and demonstrably left-wing leader of a terrorist group who left a trail of blood behind is set free, a former member of the Bundestag for the AfD has been in custody for six months on charges of plotting a coup! Who do you think is more dangerous?” asks Bystroň.

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