Resurgence of Racism in Germany: Far-Right AfD Party Wins Local Elections

Resurgence of Racism in Germany: Far-Right AfD Party Wins Local Elections

Berlin ∙ After the death of Adolf Hitler 77 years ago, the politics of racism, which was thought to have ended in Germany, has triumphantly reared its head. The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party won the local elections in Sönberg County. AfD candidate Robert Sesselman won last month’s election with 52.8% of the vote. […]

Insurance is missing: Homburg lets AfD party congress burst Regional

Homburg – Now she has to mess around with an emergency board for a while: The AfD state party conference was canceled at short notice. Because there is no insurance coverage. The right-wing populists actually wanted to elect a regular board of directors in the Saalbau on Sunday (May 29, 2022). State boss Christian Wirth […]

In Germany, Merkel bloc rating falls to record low / GORDON

If the general elections were held next Sunday, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) would have won the most votes – it improved its position by seven percentage points – up to 25% – compared with the results of a similar poll in the previous month. In second place is the CDU / CSU […]

The fight for direct mandates: who votes what? | Regional

Of: D. Puskepeleitis Hannover – The polls ahead of the federal election go on a roller coaster. It’s hard to predict which party will come out on top in the end. That is why every direct mandate won is all the more important. But the fight for direct debit is more exciting this year than […]

Grand coalition postpones law against questionable party donations

Hidden party donations should be made more difficult with the new regulations for the upcoming general election. But the planning stalled. A party could particularly benefit. It was supposed to be a big step and close long-known gaps in the law, but now the transparency initiative for party financing, which has been hoped for by […]