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GERB Leader Borisov Guarantees No Censorship – Response to President Radev

I can guarantee that we will not allow censorship, the GERB leader threatened

Decisions in the MC are made by Denkov and Gabriel. If for some ministers of service are pawns, for us they are lady officers, and some are horses that jump left and right. Thus, GERB leader Boyko Borisov responded in absentia to President Rumen Radev, who hinted on Saturday that it did not matter who the ministers were – they were only pawns of foreign decisions.

It’s a matter of not getting to a zugtswang, Borisov stressed, however. Farmers already had one. “Each move is wrong for both of them. The farmers benefited the people, the closure of roads is a burden for all of them. That’s why I was against the long protests,” he commented.

Borisov was annoyed that journalists claimed that he was a classmate of Zorov. “Zorov and I have a 10-year difference. I don’t support him. Let’s keep the good tone. The division between them, the kilometer requests, the disregard of the relationship between farmers and livestock breeders, between greenhouses and the field…”, he is dissatisfied with the situation in agriculture . But I am not in favor of changing Vatev (minister Kiril Vatev – note.ed.).

Denkov and Gabriel will say whether there will be a rotation, said the leader of GERB. The same applies to whether there will be changes of ministers.

Although he is not familiar with the PP-DB’s new bill against disinformation, Borisov promised: I can guarantee that we will not allow censorship.

Officially I know about 18, Borisov said regarding flights from Austria with persons registered as applicants for international protection in Bulgaria. “Three years ago, such information could not be had. We will pay for these years, the whole nation. When I ruled Bulgaria, such a plane would not have been able to come and this would not have happened”, he commented and added that “there is nothing fatal”. “The Ministry of the Interior works much better and the Border Police gives much better results and I know this from the partners outside,” he added.

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