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Georg Wenger-Rami: Head of Marketing and Communication at oekostrom AG

Details Written by Thomas Dillmann, Bad Honnef Published: February 6th, 2024 Created: February 6th, 2024 Last updated: February 6th, 2024 Hits: 58

Georg Wenger-Rami (© Caro Pernegger)

Georg Wenger-Rami (36) has been Head of Marketing and Communication at oekostrom AG in Vienna since the beginning of 2024. Wenger-Rami focuses on an integrated and digital communication strategy for the Austrian energy service provider. He brings 15 years of experience in the areas of marketing, branding and storytelling to the new role.

Before Wenger-Rami drove the relaunch of oekostrom AG as Head of Marketing, he worked, among other things, as Marketing Manager at T-Mobile Austria, as Strategic Brand and Communications Manager at Magenta Telekom and most recently as Global Marketing Manager at Pieps GmbH.

Relaunch oekostrom AG

Under the project management of Wenger-Rami, the oekostrom AG brand was cast in a new light. The newly created claim “100% eco, 100% fair”, created together with the Viennese creative agency DODO, sums up what oekostrom AG stands for.

The modern and recognizable brand identity of oekstrom AG will now be continued in overall communication; Wenger-Rami is focusing in particular on digitalization and courageous steps towards customer satisfaction and remains true to the oekostrom AG DNA. “I am pleased to be able to implement an integrated communication strategy across all touchpoints for oekostrom AG. All elements of communication – be it advertising, PR, social media, events or marketing – should work for the brand and reinforce each other,” emphasizes Wenger-Rami.

“oekostrom AG has grown significantly in recent years, clean energy is undoubtedly the future! With Georg Wenger-Rami we have the perfect branding expert at our side who will accompany this growth strategically and communicatively,” says Ulrich Streibl, oekostrom-AG board spokesman.

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