Four unions demand a “general increase in salaries” in the service

Trade unions CGT, Autonomous Federation, FSU and Solidaires of the Public Service are not satisfied with the bonuses and allowances announced by the government in public service.

We repeat it forcefully: because they are unfair, because they only concern a minority of agents, because they do not increase remuneration in a sustainable manner, because they increase inequalities between women and men, bonuses cannot be the solution to the wage emergency, explain the unions in a press release this Friday, November 13.

The unions cite the example of the so-called bonus of territorial loyalty introduced by a decree at the end of October for certain territories such as Seine-Saint-Denis, which does not resolve the question of the attractiveness of the territory and excludes in an unjustifiably and scandalous manner the territorial and hospital staff.

A declining average net salary

They recall the figures from INSEE according to which the average net salary is falling in all three aspects of the civil service.

The average net salary in the state civil service fell by 1.2% in 2018 according to an INSEE analysis published in July. All statuses taken together, the average net salary of civil servants was € 2,573 per month in 2018, down 1.2% in constant euros compared to 2017.

This situation is the direct consequence of the prolonged absence of measures to increase the value of the index point., underline the unions, which demand negotiations without delay on general measures for all civil servants.

The Minister of Transformation and Civil Service Amélie de Montchalin had announced as soon as they arrived that they would prefer to tailored with actions targeted at low wages and gender inequalities rather than resorting to the thaw of the index point.



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