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Former MP Veliko Minkov Admits Paternity of Child in High-Profile Murder Case

The former MP from “We continue the change” Veliko Minkov admitted that he is the father of the young child of Gabriela Slavova and the intended murdered and arsonist Peyo Peev.

Late this evening, Minkov wrote on his Facebook profile: I have reason and I am sure that I am the biological father of 4-month-old Christian, born to Gabriela Slavova, who is accused of murdering her husband Peyo Peev.

Peyo Peev’s body was found in a burnt-out car in the capital late on Friday evening. Gabriela and her mother Krasimira were accused of the murder. It emerged on Monday that Peyo and Gabriela were divorcing and fighting over custody of their two children.

On Friday evening, Peyo drove to his ex-girlfriend’s house to talk about the children. Gabriella insisted that Peyo could have no claim to one because it was not his. However, the man was adamant that he was the father of both. A heavy argument began, and Krasimira listened from the next room. After a long argument, Peyo left and it seemed as if everything was over.

It is believed that at this point the two women had an argument. So they went to Peyo’s car. It was dark outside, and because of the snowfall there were no people.

Peyo was doused in gasoline, the aim was to make it look as if he had set himself on fire. However, the mother and daughter did not foresee that there were cameras on the street that showed how they were pouring it.

Veliko Minkov led a case to recognize the paternity of the 4-month-old Christian, explained the lawyer of the former MP Plamen Borisov.

“Mr. Veliko Minkov has reason to believe and is certain that he is the biological father of 4-month-old Christian, born to Gabriela Slavova, who is accused of murdering her husband Peyo Peev. By virtue of the presumption of paternity, the late Mr. Mr. Peyo Peev became Christian’s father because of his capacity as the husband of the mother, Mrs. Gabriela Slavova.

Mr. Veliko Minkov filed civil case No. 1568/2023. to establish the origin of his son Christian before the Burgas District Court. The claim was filed even before the child was born, after Mr. Minkov, during his attempt to recognize the child, realized that the recognition could not be recognized because days before the declaration of recognition was submitted, the child’s mother entered into a civil marriage to (now deceased) Mr. Peyo Peev, by whom she has another older child.

Unfortunately, the legal proceedings on the dispute of the origin of the child by Mr. Peev and the recognition of Mr. Minkov as the father are proceeding inadequately slowly, compared to the social necessity.

As a result, Mr. Minkov cannot take care of his son until he is recognized by the state as his father,” the lawyer wrote on Facebook.

Lawyer Plamen Borisov: I am authorized as a lawyer by my client Veliko Minkov, whose name was involved in…

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On December 27, Minkov joined the Father’s Day protest in Sofia. On this day, fathers traditionally protest for equal rights to raise children together with mothers in case of divorce.

Veliko Minkov was a Continuing Change MP in the 47th Parliament in 2021. He then resigned his seat in Parliament a few days after being sworn in. Citing personal reasons for his resignation. Minkov is a graduate of the Harvard courses of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev, and that’s how he got into “Continuing the change”. He has dabbled in cryptocurrencies. Peyo’s corpse was found here. Gabriela and Crasimira hide their faces in court. Photo: Photo: BNT

After that, he told Ruse’s “Utro” that he realized already in the election campaign that he could not be a deputy. Kato again explains that because of his personal life he could not be a representative of the people. On leaving the parliament, Minkov made a speech in which he compared himself to Panayot Volov, who gave up his place as an apostle to Benkovsky and quoted a speech by Atanas Burov. Then he plans to stay helping PP by creating local structures in Rusensko.

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