For the first time, a famous scientific journal advises Americans who not to vote for. According to him, Trump rejects science and thus harms the USA – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to the newspaper, “facts and science show” that Biden’s opponent and current US President Donald Trump “has seriously harmed the United States and Americans because it rejects facts and science.”

The editor-in-chief is of the opinion that the Trump administration was worse for the scientific community than the journal had ever imagined. Biden magazine published its support on the Internet on Tuesday, the day after Trump questioned that climate change would play a role in California’s current forest fires. According to Helmuth, however, it is a coincidence and the article was prepared in the previous two months.

A text by Josh Fischman strongly condemned the way in which Trump approached the resolution of the covidu-19 pandemic. The magazine also criticized Trump for pushing for funding for science and hampering the US response to climate change. Biden, on the other hand, is “known to honor facts and science.”

“Our magazine aims, among other things, to show people how the world works – whether it’s black holes, evolution, viruses or systematic racism,” said Helmuth. “We felt it was our duty to warn people that Trump was having a catastrophic impact on research, science, health and the environment,” she added.

After the publication of Tuesday’s article, the magazine also met with a negative response. Helmuth said the magazine had received subscription requests. Many of them came from people who were not really subscribers.

Psychologist and writer Geoffrey Miller noted that the magazine betrayed its 175-year history of principled impartiality. “I’m old enough to remember a time when your magazine had its integrity,” Miller wrote on Twitter.

On Monday, at a briefing on a fire in California, Trump responded to a stimulus about the need to respond to climate change by claiming that the Earth would cool down. “I wish science would agree with you,” Wade Crowfoot of the California Bureau of Natural Resources told him. “Well, I don’t think science really knows that,” Trump said.


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