Covid alarm at San Martino: hospitalizations and visits to the “Oncology 1” and “Medicine” wards blocked

San Martino (archive image)

Genoa – Covid alarm at San Martino where they registered in the last few hours two other cases. A doctor from the ward of Medical oncology 1 it tested positive and the measures envisaged by the protocol were immediately taken. Another case has emerged in the Medicine Department of the Monobloc. Admissions and visits to inmates blocked.

Doctors, nurses and all patients admitted to both wards have been or will be subjected to buffer. Results are expected next week. Inside the hospital the management does not hide the concern for these other two cases.

Meantime the new appliance still cannot operate at full capacity for the diagnosis of cases which was purchased about three months ago by the Region and entrusted to the management of the scientific director of Uccelli and his staff. What was presented as the Ferrari of tampons is likely to be dubbed by the workers of the other Ligurian ASLs.

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