Hyundai attracts the rejuvenated i30 N. Most people don’t appreciate the main novelty, the others do

It’s been a Friday since the rejuvenation of the i30. The standard version is a must-see for the i30 N sports facelift in both body variants.

The carmaker Hyundai has officially shared with us the first photos of the rejuvenated sports hatchback i30 N. Although she still hasn’t shown it in daylight, the most important news can be read from the darkened photos.

We can notice the redesigned LED headlights with new graphics, more pronounced masks with N elements and a differently shaped bumper. The new lights are also at the rear, where we also find enlarged exhaust tailpipes and a more aggressive diffuser. It will also please the brand new 19-inch forged wheels, which, compared to the previous i30 N, help save 14 kilograms of unsprung weight.

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The main novelty of the rejuvenated Hyundai i30 N is the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, which will be offered alongside the six-speed manual. Selected journalists from Europe have already ridden in camouflaged prototypes (you can also see them in the photo gallery) and say that although the machine works almost flawlessly, they would prefer a manual transmission.

Do not expect any significant changes under the hood. The drive is still taken care of by a supercharged two-liter four-cylinder tuned to 184 kW and 202 kW for the Performance variant, respectively. In addition to the hatchback shown in the published photos, we can also look forward to a more attractive fastback. Officially, the sports novelty should be introduced in the next few days to weeks.


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