Politics Today: Labor Party Falls in Municipal Elections, Conservative Party Promises No Tax Increase, and Offshore Wind Plan Sparks Controversy

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Ap falls in the municipal poll for June (NTB)
The Labor Party is once again falling in the municipal election polls. In the meantime, things are going up for both Høyre, Sp and Rødt. – This is not good enough. We are working intensively to strengthen ourselves until the municipal elections, says Education Minister Tonje Brenna (Ap) to ABC Nyheter and the Altinget. With 19.2 percent support, today’s municipal poll had led to the Labor Party’s weakest municipal election since 1945, writes the Altinget. The seas

The Conservatives promise not to increase local taxes where they win the mayor (VG)
The level of property tax, municipal taxes and fees must be kept down where the Conservatives get mayor, party leader Erna Solberg promises 100 days before the election. – This applies to the four years ahead of us. When we come to the municipal elections in 2027, the level of municipal taxes, fees and charges should not be higher than they are today in Conservative municipalities, says Solberg. The seas

102 days before the election: Solberg is threatened by political cannibals (NRK)
An avalanche of dissatisfaction with the government has sent the Conservative Party into the sky. But well over 100 days before the local elections, Erna Solberg risks that voters and the majority will be “eaten” by small parties. The seas

New Oslo poll: One mandate makes the difference (Daily newspaper)
A recent opinion poll shows marginal leadership on the bourgeois side in Oslo. Venstre’s Hallstein Bjercke will include the MDG in a solid blue-green majority. The seas

Fresh measurement: A change is imminent in Stavanger – but Ap can be saved by the bus (NRK)
The Conservative Party is likely to win the election and get a majority in Stavanger, but after the news about the free bus, the Labor Party is now bigger than at the last election. The seas

The government parties agree with SV, MDG and KrF on offshore wind support (DN)
The parties must agree on an offshore wind investment of up to NOK 23 billion KrF was not involved in the negotiations with the government parties, Sv and MDG, but late on Thursday evening it became clear that KrF also joined the settlement. The parties have called for a press conference at 09:00 on Friday morning. The seas

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How big a tractor does he actually have? (Lars Nehru Sand, NRK)
The center party gets the year’s best, but there is reason to look behind the numbers. The Conservative Party retains its solid lead with 100 days left until election night. The seas

Aasland strikes back against the Høyre’s offshore wind rebellion: – Quite incredible (DN)
The Labor minister criticizes the Conservative Party’s decision not to join a broad settlement on offshore wind. He is supported by SV, which thus puts an end to Høyre’s initiative. The seas

SV believes the Conservative Party are nonsensical who withdrew from offshore wind investment (NRK)
– It is frivolous and irresponsible to withdraw support for the government’s offshore wind investment, says SV’s Lars Haltbrekken. The seas

The offshore wind plan: An irresponsible and frivolous use of taxpayers’ money (leads, DN)
Don’t come here with criticism of the government’s energy policy castles in the air. Ideally, Norwegian politicians should now do as the Energy Commission’s chairman Lars Sørgard recently recommended: Press the pause button. The seas

Sea wind to the bottom (Trygve Hegnar’s manager, Finansavisen)
The head of the Energy Commission, Lars Sørgard, is asking the government to reconsider the entire offshore wind project, because he fears that the price tag will be closer to NOK 50 billion. This is pure Fornebubanen. Or the Folloban. The Center Party and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum will not turn around, and then the Storting will have to find out whether one, two or three Fornebubans should be allocated to Nordsjø II, where the excesses will occur on a continuous basis. If the state can’t just as well hire the people behind the Fornebubanen, then we know it’s going to hell. The seas

Battle for “the king’s man” – the minister is being pressured by his own (NRK)
Just over three months before the election, the government has still not clarified whether the state administrator’s office will be split. Now municipal minister Sigbjørn Gjelsvik (Sp) is getting marching orders from his own people. The seas

It is time for a sustainable code of conduct (Lan Marie Berg (MDG), parliamentary representative, finance committee, deputy leader of the Green Party) (DN)
A conversion tax on oil and gas should be considered as a source of funding both in crisis situations and in the conversion of Norwegian business. The seas

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Why do politicians fail their voters? (Bård Harstad, professor at Stanford University and the University of Oslo) (DN)
If the Center Party gives forest owners compensation for forest protection, the forest owners will no longer vote for the party. The seas

Save the Children cancels pride festival for children – the Minister of Culture calls it “horrible” (NRK)
Threats on social media mean that Save the Children is forced to cancel the pride festival for children in Bergen. Now there is a new solution. The seas

Complaint about cancellation of pride festival for children: – Serious (NTB)
Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre believes it is serious that Save the Children felt compelled to cancel a pride event for children due to threats. The seas

Hard judgment from the Truth Commission: – Some will be shaken (NRK)
Language is disappearing. Culture has disappeared. The Storting today received a report that is highly critical of Norwegianization, a straitjacket that caused deep wounds in large sections of the population. The seas

The truth commission: Statnett would only compensate if the reindeer herders did not prevent development (NTB)
Reindeer farming Sami who wanted compensation for power grid development in grazing areas had to agree not to do anything to prevent the development. Statnett defends the claim. The seas

Hard judgment: – No proud history (Daily newspaper)
The truth commission takes stock of the state’s treatment of minorities in Norway. – It has been an assimilation programme, says Dagfinn Høybråten. He proposes a broad investment in Kven, Sami and Forest Finnish culture in Norway, including large-scale language training. The seas

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission: A Norwegian disgrace (leader, Dagbladet)
The policy almost succeeded in its sinister aim. The seas

Mother on fighting for her son: – I feel I have become a howler monkey (NRK)
On Thursday, the politicians in the Storting gave parents like Monica Tangen a renewed right to complain about their son’s special education. She is happy about that. The seas

The Storting strengthens the law to combat harassment at work (NTB)
The Storting has decided that Norway will join an international agreement to combat violence and harassment in working life. – It is important that those who engage in harassment are stopped. That those in charge take responsibility. That all decent employers both refrain from harassment, but also stand up for those affected by it. The clarification of the law will further clarify this responsibility, says Trine Lise Sundnes (Ap). The seas

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Adopts “bullying law”: – Children not heard (Daily newspaper)
A school researcher believes that politicians do not know enough about how the new Education Act to be adopted today works against bullying. The seas

– The government weakens the fight against bullying (Daily newspaper)
Party leader in the Progress Party, Sylvi Listhaug, believes a new bill weakens the work against bullying. – What Listhaug says is not true, replies Minister of Education Tonje Brenna. The seas

– Time for a new bullying committee (Daily newspaper)
Left-wing politician Abid Raja is calling for action after Dagbladet’s reports on Emely Frantzen (12), who told about bullying at school. Now Raja thinks we need a new bullying committee. The seas

The USA opens a foreign station in Tromsø (NTB)
The US strengthens its presence in the north and opens a diplomatic office in Tromsø. The seas

Russia is afraid of NATO (NTB)
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that Russia is afraid of NATO, but is ready to devour all its neighboring countries that are not part of the alliance. The seas

Erdogan creates even more trouble for NATO (Sverre Strandhagen, DN)
Turkey puts new sticks in the wheel for Nato and Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This time in the negotiations on the new two percent target. The seas

Biden promises that Sweden will soon be allowed to join NATO (NTB)
Sweden will soon be allowed to join NATO, says US President Joe Biden. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken says he expects that to happen in the next few weeks. The seas

Stoltenberg: – Moscow thinks democracies are lazy, we must prove the opposite (NRK)
The focus of the informal meeting has been how Ukraine can get closer to NATO, Jens Stoltenberg said. He reiterated that the door is open to NATO membership. The seas


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