Fight against child labor in cocoa farming: Inspectors and doctor-inspectors in conclave to develop a better strategy

As part of the implementation of the National Action Plan to Combat Trafficking, Exploitation and the Worst Forms of Child Labor in Côte d’Ivoire (Pan 2019-2021), the International Labor Office (Bit ) and the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection are organizing a capacity building workshop, from July 21 to 23, 2021, in Grand-Bassam. This workshop, which brings together labor inspectors and doctor-inspectors, aims to develop a strategy for labor inspection in cocoa-producing areas.

The results of this work should help them to intervene more effectively in the informal economy, particularly in agriculture by enforcing labor laws and regulations, including child labor.

Wishing the participants fruitful work, Sophie De Connick, representative of the Country Director of the International Labor Organization (ILO), recalled the figures in Africa and in the world concerning child trafficking. According to him, according to the latest global estimates from Unicef ​​and OIT in 2020, there were 92 million children in the work to be abolished.

A view of the participants at the seminar in Grand-Bassam. (Mélèdje Tresore)

Also 41 million of them are in hazardous work which harms their health and morals. “More than 20% of children in Africa are forced into child labor. This is worrying compared to what we see in the rest of the world, ”she said with regret.

Representing Me Adama Kamara, Minister of Employment and Social Protection, Bagaté Bolou said he could count on the involvement and self-sacrifice of the inspectors in order to have, at the end of the work, a strategic and permanent planning of the pilot intervention of the labor inspectorate in the cocoa sector.

As for Amani Konan, speaking on behalf of the Executive Secretary of the National Committee for Monitoring Actions against Trafficking, Exploitation and Child Labor, he welcomed the vigorous actions of the Ivorian justice against child labor, in particular in cocoa farming.

Funded by the International Labor Organization (ILO), this seminar is a continuation of a workshop held from January 20 to 22, 2021 and which helped build the capacity of labor inspectors and medical inspectors on the basic concepts of child labor and to make general recommendations for strategic planning.

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