Facebook viral: dog remains next to the body of its owner who died frozen

On various occasions it has been pointed out that dogs are the animals most faithful that exist on the planet. So much so that these little ones are the only ones in the world who love their owners more than they love themselves. This was proven by the action of a dog whose story moved Facebook users.

A dog remained next to the body of its owner, a 72-year-old woman identified as Lyubov Krupennikova, who died while walking through the Divnogorsk forest in Russia.

According to reports, the police and some volunteers desperately searched for the woman, who disappeared last Sunday. After three days of arduous work, they managed to find it in the Siberian desert.

The law enforcement officers managed to find her thanks to the sobs of the pet that trembled in the snow next to its owner. Despite the fierce cold, the pet refused to let the search party pick up the corpse.

After conducting an investigation, the police officers indicated that the dog survived because he covered himself with the coat of his adoptive mother, who was lying lifeless on the ground.

The septuagenarian lady was found not far from the house where she was last seen. Your pet named Nyusya, miraculously survived a -30 degrees Celsius frost.

Facebook users were surprised by the tender story and praised the behavior of the animal that at no time thought of abandoning its mistress, who gave it affection and lots of love.


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