Biden calls a South Florida businesswoman to discuss the small business crisis | Video | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

information about the minor

call the cops.

a Hispanic businesswoman from the south

from florida received a

unexpected call, but not from

a client, but the same

presidente joe biden.

Why did you call it?

let’s go with our partner who

tells us.

reporter: good evening.

from this window to take away

in northeast miami a

recognized manufacturer of

empanadas lived today one

unique experience holding a

debate face to face with him

president elect joe biden what

promoted his proposal of

incentive for $ 1,900,000,000.

one of the Hispanic women

most recognized in the south of the

Florida held this Friday a

face to face with the president

elected biden to tell you his

history of superacón and

sacrifice in time of


[hablan en ingés]

[hablan en ingés]

reporter: biden asks you to

talk openly about your


her and the president-elect

they spoke for 10 minutes and the

conversation revolved around

the problems of the little ones


he told me he was

impressed by my story,

for my resilience and tenacity,

by my strength, by my leadership

and he told me six characteristics.

I felt that I wanted to


reporter: zavala tells

biden that the ppp program was

unaffordable for the real ones

small companies.

if you see the numbers of

financing going towards

Hispanics or to companies

Afro-American is minimal the

funding … financing ..

reporter: this was launched in

March 2018 and the company

I flirt with bankruptcy. the

sales suffer an impact.


they are sacrifices and moments

of not being with my children.

reporter: she is a voter

independent who dubbed biden

and it was one of the faces

Latin to the important of him

business that was called “our

Latinos, our futures “.

I am not the face of

no campaign or any


I have a responsibility


I saw a difficult story.

I am what it is to be

entrepreneur and do not give you a


if I can occupy one

platform to help

community, no matter the

party, I will.

reporter: this immunity from

Mexicana has received numerous

benefits by many

of his colleagues and

businessmen not only

congratulating them, but also

calling her to find out which ones

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