Roe deer with a drop of blood, beetroot, rose geranium

For 6 persons

1 piece of deer of the year (10 to 12kg)
3 L of red wine type Côte du Rhône
1 carrot
2 shallots
6 black pepper seeds
6 wild juniper berries
3 large beets
Rose geranium oil
Pink geranium hydrolate
White cheese 25%
9 fresh rose geranium leaves
Whiskey aged in cherry casks
300 g of veal demi-glace
3 pickled cherries


Roe deer

Separate into three parts. Reserve the legs and shoulders for another preparation. Take the fillets from the back. Tie up the barrel. Cut the trimmings and the carcass then marinate in red wine, shallots, carrot, pepper and juniper berries for 24 hours.


Wrap the beets in aluminum foil with salt and rose geranium oil. Bake the beets in the oven at 160 ° C for 3 hours, check doneness. Cool the beets and cut them into tubes of different sizes. After having cut the tubes, reserve the rest of the beet to make the puree. Frost the tubes in beetroot juice, centrifuge and oil with rose geranium.

Beetroot puree

Use the leftover beets and mix at 80 ° C for 2 minutes, add 1 spoon of cottage cheese and 4 drops of geranium hydrosol then mix again for 2 minutes. Adjust seasoning.

Beet geranium reduction

Centrifuge 2 beets then reduce to ice. Infuse the rose geranium leaves for 4 minutes. Strain then add a spoonful of tangy beet juice.

Deer sauce

Decant the carcasses from the marinade and separate the vegetables from the carcasses. Brown the well-dried carcasses then the vegetables. Flambé with a whiskey matured in sherry casks then add the marinade wine and allow to reduce. Then add 300 g of veal juice and cook for 2 hours then add 5 pepper seeds, 5 juniper berries and 5 fresh pink geranium leaves. Infuse for 6 minutes. Pass and reduce to consistency. Finish by adding a spoonful of reduced beet juice.


Add a tart cherry wedge.

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