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Experts Call for Dementia Test on President Biden: Could He Pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment?

Doctors in America want to subject President Joe Biden to a dementia test to prove that he is able to carry out his duties. Experts told the Daily Mail that it was crucial for the White House to provide full transparency about the president’s mental state after the Department of Justice called him “an elderly person with a failing memory.” But could the 81-year-old Biden really pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a 10-minute test created in 1996 to identify even mild dysfunctions that are actually harbingers of dementia.

First used in Montreal, Canada, this test is still one of the most preferred methods for assessing cognitive health worldwide, available in 55 languages ​​and dialects. When conducting the research, any result above 26 points is considered normal, and those below the given value are cause for concern. The average score is 27.4 points. People with mild cognitive impairment score about 22.1 points, while Alzheimer’s patients typically score 16 points.

The US Department of Justice report released Thursday found that the president did not remember the years he was vice president and could not even remember when his son Beau died. Forgetting key events, such as the death of a loved one, is a hallmark of cognitive decline, a precursor to dementia, doctors say.

New polls reveal that about 62% of Americans are very worried about Biden’s mental and physical health. We remind you that even in 2022, former White House physician Ronnie Jackson called for the president to be tested for the disease, and his letter was signed by 37 deputies.

Unlike Biden, former US President Donald Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment back in 2018, when he scored a perfect 30 out of 30. Trump was the first US president to take the test as part of his presidential physical, and stated that Biden “did not take a cognitive test because he could not pass one.”

The released results of Biden’s most recent medical examination also gave no indication that he passed any kind of cognitive tests to assess the president’s concentration, attention, memory, language, calculation, orientation, executive functions and visual skills.

And here is exactly what the test is that the doctors want to put Joe Biden through:

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TEST: The patient must connect in pairs 5 numbers and letters in ascending order, connecting with lines 1 to A, 2 to B, etc.

RESULT: The patient receives a point for each successful pair: 1-A; 2-B; 3-B; 4-D; 5-D. The patient earns 0 points if he makes an error that is not corrected immediately.


TEST: The patient must draw his own version of a cube that looks as close as possible to the one depicted on the sheet next to him.

RESULT: One point, if drawn correctly – three-dimensional, all lines are drawn and relatively parallel, and their length is similar.


TEST: The patient must draw a clock, placing all the numbers and setting the time to 11 hours and 10 minutes.

RESULT: One point is given for each of the following three criteria:

  • Contour: the clock face should be a circle with only minor distortions allowed
  • Numbers: all numbers on the watch must be present without extras; must be in correct order and located in the approximate quadrants of the dial.
  • Arrows: there should be two arrows that together show the correct time; the hour hand should be clearly shorter than the minute hand. The hands should be centered in the dial, with their point of intersection close to the center of the clock.


TEST: The patient must name each animal shown to him.

SCORE: One point for each animal named correctly


TEST: The doctor reads the patient a list of words that he has to remember, and then says all that he remembers, in no matter what order.

GRADING: No plus points, only minus if they get it wrong.



Remember the numbers – the doctor reads a list of 5 numbers at a rate of one number per second, and the patient must remember the numbers exactly as they were said.

SCORING: One point for a correctly recited sequence.



The examiner reads a sentence, and the patient must repeat it exactly, for example – “I just know that John is the one who will help today”. The experimenter then read another sentence with the same instruction: “The cat always hid under the couch when there were dogs in the room.”

ASSESSMENT: One point for each correct sentence.


TEST: The doctor says a letter and the patient has to think of words that start with it. The goal is to reach 11 or more words in 60 seconds.

SCORE: One point if they reach 11 or more words in one minute.


TEST: The patient must describe what the relationship is between certain words, for example, orange and banana; train and bicycle; ruler and clock.

SCORING: One point for each of the last two pairs.


Test: The patient must again recall the five words he heard during the memory test.

SCORING: One point for each word you remember.


TEST: The patient must name the exact date, the city in which he is located and the exact address.

ASSESSMENT: One point for each correct answer.


All accumulated points are added up.

16 points: cognitive health of an Alzheimer patient

About 22 points: cognitive health of a person with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

Above 26 points: Normal

30 points: excellent score

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