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Experience the Benefits of EXFIGHT BATH SALT – 20 Types of Minerals for Relaxation and Skin Care

EXFIGHT BATH SALT, a collaboration product between EXFIGHT, a training gym in Daikanyama, Tokyo, and Silica Style, which plans, develops, and sells beauty and health-related products, is available at EXFIGHT EC SHOP for 1,650 yen (tax included). It is sold at.

Bath salts containing about 20 types of minerals

“EXFIGHT BATH SALT” is rich in approximately 20 types of minerals, with the main ingredient being magnesium chloride, which is carefully sun-dried from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, which is also known as a treasure trove of minerals, and purified using natural methods. included in.

The water collected from the Great Salt Lake contains about 30 times more minerals than regular seawater, and its salinity is about the same level as the Dead Sea.

“EXFIGHT BATH SALT” is a 100% natural bath salt made with all the blessings of nature. Contains a high concentration of magnesium, so you can easily replenish the mineral just by taking a bath. High-quality natural ingredients gently work on the skin, making relaxation and skin care a reality.


“EXFIGHT BATH SALT” uses magnesium chloride, which is also a hot spring ingredient, to promote sweating while warming the body. In addition, the power of nature’s highly concentrated minerals leads to moist and beautiful skin. Furthermore, the water prevents you from getting cold and prepares your body with relaxation and healing.


To use, add 4 heaped spoonfuls (approx. 100g) of the product into the hot water (approx. 200L) in the bathtub, stir well to dissolve, and then take a bath. Each bag contains 500g (about 5 servings), so you can adjust the amount according to your preference.


“EXFIGHT” is a stylish training gym located 2 minutes walk from Daikanyama Station. In addition to being fully equipped with the latest training equipment, the trainers range from former professional fighters to current top fighters, making everything top-notch. You can also experience the training content that LDH artists practice on a daily basis, allowing you to train your body while having fun.

In addition to kickboxing, grappling, jiu-jitsu, and MMA, we offer yoga and DANCE exercises, kids wrestling that maximizes the potential and athletic ability of young children, and exercises that incorporate elements of martial arts to suit the goals of everyone from beginners to experts. Various programs are being implemented.

EXFIGHT is also a unique space where you can train together with artists. By fusing the entertainment they have cultivated up until now with martial arts, they hold events and projects aimed at a wide range of generations, not just martial arts fans.

About “Silica Style”

Silica Style, as its name suggests, offers products centered around minerals such as “silica.” In order to convey the benefits of silica to as many people as possible, we are developing cosmetics, supplements, and miscellaneous goods containing silica that are inexpensive and high quality for general distribution, as well as developing products that utilize magnesium, hydrogen, etc. ing.

Why not try the collaboration product “EXFIGHT BATH SALT” by “EXFIGHT” x “Silica Style”?


(Kakutani Ryohei)

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