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Ex-Prime Minister’s Call for Foreign Ministry “Exit” Sparks Political Tensions

The ex-prime minister wants an “exit” of PP-DB to Europe and the world through the Foreign Ministry

“To threaten with 2-in-1 elections, because a team that is already working cannot be reconciled, and some people start drawing lines for elections – for me, this is not only a lack of statesmanship, but also some type of selfishness, which at this point in time I think is absolutely unproductive in our talks. That’s why I say clearly that from our point of view these types of red lines will not work. We have never bowed down if someone threatens us with something” – said the co-chairman of “We continue the change” responded to the ultimatum of GERB leader Boyko Borisov.

Earlier today, Borisov announced that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a red line for “Change” – either they get it or “everything else breaks”. He again demanded that GERB keep the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that the department be headed by a person named by them. That’s why he threatened 2 in 1 elections in June – for the European and Bulgarian parliaments.

“If someone threatens us with early elections, we are not afraid. If we are going to play on red lines, we will never bend. The question here is why should we talk about red lines when there is a working team. I am calling for some normal thinking and dialogue, not through the media,” commented Petkov.

“We give GERB the opportunity to have the highest post in the country. This is the prime minister, who is responsible for all ministries. All ministers are under his leadership, the entire Council of Ministers. I have the feeling that recently the prime minister is being talked about as if she were some small position. This is the biggest position in the country,” commented Kiril Petkov.

The ex-prime minister also outlined his views on the rotation: “It is best for the next rotation, maybe for the following rotations, that this team changes between Maria Gabriel and Acad. Denkov mirror every 9 months, this is the way in which in front of the whole world to show unity, not new faces every 9 months, and to have a normal stability in the country”. Otherwise, he explained that he does not set conditions.

He recalled that the Prime Minister participates in the European Council and key decisions are made there. “GERB gets in this rotation, as we promised, the highest post in the country, and Bulgaria’s exit to Europe and the rest of the world goes through this prime minister,” said Petkov.

When asked if the PP-DB wanted an exit through the Foreign Ministry, the ex-prime minister replied: “Exactly”, and when asked if there needed to be another exit, he explained: “Absolutely. In order to have a balance in this, as we know, very sensitive structure in which we govern, there must also be a second guarantor, a voice to the outside world, and that is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. To have that balance, we must continue to move forward in this configuration.”

“Tell me what the logic is? I don’t see any logic in having a new person. We have a working team – Maria Gabriel and Acad. Denkov. They have worked in sync up to this point, why should one more person unfamiliar with their program be brought in and work, even though the prime minister is Maria Gabriel,” Petkov pointed out. “We propose that Maria Gabriel take the highest post in the country – prime minister, and that is enough for one person,” he pointed out.

Petkov also intervened with other ministers, explaining that at the beginning the PP-DB saw Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov as an expert, but later it turned out that he was close to GERB. “Actually, from my point of view, the Ministry of the Interior is entirely the minister of GERB”, he pointed out.

“For all other ministries, it worked last time. Something that worked, you should not try to do something again. How did it work? Maria Gabriel and Acad. Denkov sat together, went through all the ministers, now they have an assessment of these ministers, let let’s give them this opportunity to do it again,” commented Petkov.

“At the moment, a majority is being formed between GERB, BSP and ITN. There is no problem, they say that they are becoming a majority, that they will move their committees forward and attack the mayor, because they still cannot accept that they have lost Sofia. We understand it, there is no problem, but let’s be clear – when GERB, BSP and ITN assemble this majority, they must also bear the responsibility for their actions in SOS”, Petkov commented on yesterday’s election of the chairman of the Metropolitan Municipal Council.

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