Everything is different: Vojtěch ends up as a minister, Babiš offers his opposition his place

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) has joined the TOP 09 MP Vlastimil Válka (TOGETHER). He called on him to take over the ministry from Adam Vojtěch (for YES) from 1 November. He allegedly agreed with him that he would really end on November 1, although he had previously talked about Vojtěch staying with the government until the end.

In the latest work of his show Chow People, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has joined MP Vlastimil Válek. He is talked about as one of the possible candidates for Minister of Health in the coalition government SPOLU and PirSTAN. Babiš Válka criticized for his statement for CNN Prima Newsthat waiting six hours for a doctor is not so terrible. Take a look at the mentioned part of the interview below:

Question: So six hours is still okay?
War: Of course. That’s not so bad.
Question: That’s crazy. Then you have fun with doctors who say they are tired and have long services …
Válek: But we mix more things together. If Grandma waits six hours with a ruptured ulcer or stroke, it’s a mess. But I don’t believe something like that happened. However, if she waited six hours with a belly pain for a month and now she decided to go to the hospital, then we are again in the opinion that she should first be examined by a district doctor or arrange a planned admission to the hospital.
Source: CNN Prima NEWS

According to Babiš, Válek also says that healthcare will only be for the rich. In this way, he comes across another part of the interview, where we talk about the different quality of health services. You can read part of the interview below:

Question: I’m trying to understand you, but I don’t know if people will understand it and at the same time if they believe that the care is the same quality everywhere and they can go to any hospital.
Válek: But it is not the same quality anywhere in the world.
Question: But I will choose the hospital where the care is good.
Válek: Yes, if you choose Mayo Clinics, you will owe the whole family. This is the same as when you want to go to football only at FC Barcelona. You can, but you pay for it. We cannot have exactly the same quality of care in any field. Systemically, standards are constantly rising. The quality of medical staff and hospital equipment is also increasing.
Source: CNN Prima NEWS

Subsequently, Babiš called on the War to take over the health care from Adam Vojtěch (for YES). He addresses him by his first name. “I agreed with Adam that he would end on November 1st. Come, Professor, take over the Minister of Health on November 1st and you can show us. I’ll write to the President, Adam resigns, you can take it over and show us how the virus is planned. and what all your bullshit you can show people, “Babiš said.

In addition, it means another turnaround. On Monday this week, Babiš told TV Nova that Vojtěch would remain in the ministerial post until the end, although it was announced that he was to move to the Foreign Ministry in November as ambassador to Finland. Read more in this article on TN.cz.

The editors of TN.cz asked for the opinion of Vlastimil Válek, who will then publish it in this article.




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