Elisaveta Belobradova for fight with Kostadinov’s son: Political propaganda at school

“The main purpose of such an act is to feel how much society can bear. Is there any desire in it at all to protect the children, the school, the educational process,” commented Elisaveta Belobradova, the deputy from “Democratic Bulgaria” on her page. Her words are related to Kostadin Kostadinov’s story that his son had a fight with his classmates because of the signature to preserve the Bulgarian lev.

“On the back of violence, fatigue, breaking borders, the insane campaign of Revival is climbing.

In a country where everything is allowed, everything is possible – this is what Mr. Kostadin Kostadinov tells you.

Tomorrow it will be your children. That tells you. And even if they sit and look at the sky, someone will come and slap them”, writes Belobradova.

Earlier today, Kostadinov said that his son, who is an adult 12th grader, was collecting signatures for the referendum initiated by his father at school. His classmate tore up one of the forms, and Kostadinov’s son started slapping him. The two later engaged in a gang fight.

Kremena Kuneva from DB has already announced that tomorrow she will refer the Ministry of Education and Culture and the education committee in the parliament. Belobradova made the same request.

Belobradova defined the history of paint as “open political propaganda in school” and pointed out that it is against the rules and morals.

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