Electronics maker has released the PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series

The Chinese technology giant has revealed PlayStation 5 Pro a nový Xbox Series X/S. TCL Technology even stated at the conference that the consoles will be released in 2023/2024.

An important electronics manufacturer, which introduced its new TVs at the conference, claims that the new consoles will offer gaming at 60 to 120 frames per second in 2160p (4K) resolution and will allow up to 8K. The conference also mentioned the latest graphics from AMD: Radeon RX 7700 XT.

The more powerful version of the PS5 console has been speculated before. Even last year, there was talk that the PS5 Pro could be released in 2023 and boasts double the performance.

Now the only question is whether TCL knows the plans of Sony and Microsoft in detail. Do you think that a Chinese company would only state its assumptions at the conference? The second question is whether Sony and Microsoft will launch new consoles when they are currently unable to meet demand for existing models.

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