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Double Kidnapping and Murder Rocks North Macedonia: Suspect Flees to Bulgaria

The police are looking for Lyupcho Palevski – a Bulgarian phobe and pro-Russian leader of a small party
They suspect that he fled to Bulgaria, but in our country they deny it
The girl was kidnapped in the car of a man killed 5 days earlier

A shocking case of double kidnapping and murder, including that of a young girl, has rocked North Macedonia after police arrested three suspects and found the bodies of the missing shot dead.

The victims are 14-year-old Vanja Gyorchevska from Skopje and 74-year-old hairdresser Pance Žezhovski from Veles. On November 22, the elderly man disappeared, and 5 days later – on November 27, the schoolgirl was also declared wanted. The authorities are looking for a Bulgarian-phobic, pro-Russian leader of a small party in the case. Behind his initials, released by the police – L.P. (Lyupco Palevski), the Macedonian media recognized the politician, who is believed to have fled with his lawyer through Belgrade in Bulgaria. From chairman of the city organization of the currently ruling Social Democratic Union (SDMS), Palevski positioned himself as a radical pro-Russian nationalist and created the political movement “Treta”. All 5 involved in the murders are members of the formation.

“I can promise that I and the institution will do everything, so

this monster to be facing the face of truth

as soon as he steps on our land”, assured the Minister of Internal Affairs of the RSM, Oliver Spasovski.

Evidence suggests that the girl’s abduction was ordered by her own father. The goal was to blackmail her mother for money because she recently sold an apartment. He himself gave information to the kidnappers where and at what time to find the child. However, the plan went wrong. Soon after the kidnapping, information about the disappearance of the child comes out, the kidnappers panic and decide to get rid of Vanya. They kill her and bury her.

The two victims did not know each other. There is no connection between them. The 74-year-old man fell into the scheme because he owed about 500 euros to one of the kidnappers. When they kidnapped him, they killed him, buried him and took his car. His Citroen was not searched for at all, as only the man was reported missing. Almost a week later, the same car was captured by cameras in Skopje.

Vanya, on the other hand, went out alone around 7:30 a.m. on November 27 to go to school. An hour later, a police report was received about her disappearance. She was met at the entrance, her hands were tied, she was stuffed into a sleeping bag, then she was loaded into the car and driven out of Skopje.

The same day in the afternoon at 3:40 p.m., the police found the burning Citroen near the village of Brazda, where Vanya was killed and buried. The village is located only 14 km from the Macedonian capital. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said there was evidence of who and where he bought the gasoline he was using

the car on fire of Panče Žežovski

Police reviewed 70 videos to piece together the version of the two slain. Already on Saturday, the Macedonian authorities announced that 5 people are suspected of the murder. Two were released because they were not connected to the case, but the picture of the whole tragedy was built from their testimony.

Of the remaining three, however, one had fled with his lawyer through Belgrade to Bulgaria. The information refers specifically to Lyupcho Palevski – nicknamed Palcho. He is accused by the Macedonian police of being the organizer of the kidnapping. The search for him is still ongoing. The Bulgarian government is categorical that there is no evidence that a person involved in the double murder is hiding on our territory, nor that he has been declared an international wanted person.

His lawyer Vasko Stoykov claimed to “Thelma” that he took him to Belgrade for examination, as he did not have a vehicle. He helped him leave the country but knew nothing about the double murder.

“I only know that he had to go to Belgrade because he had a recorded examination. I returned to Skopje and he stayed because his examination was the next day. He said that if everything is fine, he will come back, and if not, he will go to Istanbul. When I returned, the police were searching”, says the lawyer.

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