Discovered: Cesium-137 Found Compressed and Ready to Melt at Smelter Location.

Found “Casium-137” at a smelter. The state is compressed into a cube. stacked high Prepare for melting in the evening. Fortunately, the staff used the radiation detection equipment in time. close to tragedy

Facebook Sorayut Suthatsanachinda reported that today (March 19) Mr. Ron Ron Nakornchinda, Governor of Prachinburi Province, Mr. Permsuk Satjapiwat, Secretary-General of the Office of Atoms for Peace Visit the area to inspect the work of the Office of Atoms for Peace staff. along with Prachinburi Provincial Industry, Prachinburi Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, Department of Provincial Administration inspecting operations in Kabinburi Industrial Area, inspecting 2 smelters

From an audit of one company which is the largest iron smelting plant There are 8 smelting furnaces. Each day, there will be a truckload of scrap iron and smelted steel. in and out a lot

It is thought to be where radioactive cesium-137 was sold as antique. may be contaminated with steel to enter therefore used the tools of the Office of Atoms for Peace to measure, scan for radiation along the piles of scrap metal Including the compressed steel that will go into the furnace.

At some point, while investigating, it was found that The detector may detect some but unspecified substances. Or is it radioactive cesium-137, causing the Atomic Energy for Peace officers to investigate.

While carefully detecting, it is still not confirmed whether it is radioactive cesium-137 or not because there are many scrap piles. Difficult to bring the measuring device to access

In addition, the sludge from the blast furnace was also examined. Radioactive cesium-137 was found inside the plant.

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Most recently, Mr. Ron Ron Nakornchinda, Governor of Prachinburi Province Office of Atoms for Peace Police officers governing provincial industry Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Prachinburi Province inspected The Office of Atoms for Peace has thoroughly checked and confirmed that substances found in the iron smelter. It is a radioactive material caesium-137.

The province of Prachinburi has announced the closure of the factory. and block the area to prevent all employees from leaving the factory for safety and the Governor of Prachin Buri Province A press conference will be held tomorrow (March 20) at 10:00 a.m. at the Learning Center room, 4th floor, Prachinburi Provincial Government Center.

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