Depok Disdukcapil Employees Test Positive for Covid-19, Service Offices Temporarily Closed – The Office of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) of Depok City is temporarily closed. The closure was carried out because there were employees who were positively exposed to Covid-19.

The Depok City Disdukcapil office is closed from 27 November to 2 December 2020. “We convey that the Depok City Dukcapil Office will be temporarily closed from Friday 27 November 2020 to 2 December 2020. Because there are our employees who have been confirmed positive,” said the Head of Depok City Disdukcapil, Nuraeni. Widayatti, Friday (27/11).

Even so, he said, the Dukcapil service was still running. Services for family cards and electronic ID cards are carried out in every village.

“The closure of services at the office is our effort to break the chain of Covid-19 spread. Because there are employees who have been confirmed positive, so we have to enforce work from home or work from home for some of our employees,” he said.

In addition, Disdukcapil temporarily closed online services or WhatsApp. Because currently it is focused on completing applications for population documents that are still there.

“For residents who have made previous applications, we will continue to complete them. This is to avoid crowds in taking residence documents, so we will temporarily send digital documents. Because the physical documents can be retrieved after the office reopens,” he added.

Disdukcapil does not stop services even though the office is temporarily closed. If the community has a need, they can come to their respective kelurahan.

“We will maximize it and ensure that services are ready to return. Sterilization of Disdukcapil offices will be carried out, as well as tracking close contacts,” he said. [gil]


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