Covid-19 Limitations: The Daile Theater will offer spectators performances to attend on another date

As the incidence of Covid-19 continues to rise sharply, the number of people who can gather indoors from 500 to 300 will be reduced in places where public events or economic services are provided from Monday, the government decided on Friday.

Rass pointed out that more than 300 tickets have been sold for individual performances, while most of the performances are where the theater can accommodate a certain number of people.

He noted that the theater will offer spectators who have purchased tickets to the performances for which more than 300 tickets have been sold to attend the show on another date or return the ticket money. The theater is also intended to offer the viewer a discount on a ticket for another visit to the show. Rass emphasized that the theater plans to communicate with each spectator individually and offer one of the possible solutions.

Speaking about the estimated losses that the government’s decision could do to the theater, Rass noted that such calculations have not been made yet. Responding to the question whether the Daile Theater plans to turn to the Ministry of Culture to cover the losses, the theater representative stressed that the government decided to reduce the number of people late Friday afternoon, so no such talks have taken place at the theater yet.

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