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City’s Public Transportation Workers’ Concerns Over National Guard Deployment in Subway and MTA’s Crime Solutions Criticized

The city’s public transportation workers questioned the deployment of the National Guard in the subway, as well as the MTA, which they accuse of failing to implement practical solutions to reduce crime in the system.

TWU Local 100 alleges that Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan to order the National Guard is a tacit acknowledgment of the problem, but not the long-term solution to crime in the transportation system.

Hochul’s plan involves the use of National Guard members (750) as security support during random bag checks, as well as the presence of state and MTA officers in the subway system to improve the feeling or perception of security among users.

The union’s criticism joins that of other experts on security issues who have questioned the presence of elements of the National Guard in security tasks in the subway under the argument that the military is not prepared for that type of functions that They are more about public safety (police).

“Are [los soldados de la Guardia Nacional] “Trained to get on those subway cars and help with all the safety procedures that the New York City transit police are trained to do?” asked Bill Bratton, who twice served as the city’s police commissioner, as quoted by Gothamist.


The labor organization, on the other hand, insists that the MTA has failed to prevent criminals from accessing the system and to implement a strategy to deal with the homeless and mentally ill.

In response, MTA communications director Tim Minton said in a statement that crime has decreased on transportation over the last month.

Minton also said the MTA has full confidence in the NYPD’s ability to keep New Yorkers safe.

On the other hand, the union criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, pointing out that his office has not taken action to address crime on the subway.

He also says that Bragg has sent the wrong message to lawbreakers, penalizing them with reduced penalties and that they can obtain freedom quickly.

Prosecutor Bragg, for his part, stated via his press office:

“Manhattan is the only district in the city where traffic crimes have decreased, but ironically, the only local elected official named at today’s (union) press conference was Alvin Bragg. We make prosecution decisions based on facts and evidence, and anyone who endangers the safety of passengers or transportation workers must be held accountable,” the statement said.

“The continued decline in traffic crimes across the county is the result of our comprehensive strategy and close collaboration with our law enforcement partners. We care deeply about the safety of TWU members. We have offered and continue to “appreciating a meeting with TWU leaders, so that we can have a productive conversation with real solutions that will hold up in court,” it is added.

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