Cătălin Drulă won the lawsuit filed by the subway union led by Ion Rădoi / Reaction of the former Minister of Transport – Essential

Former USR Minister of Transport Cătălin Drulă won the lawsuit filed by the subway employees’ union led by Ion Rădoi. However, the court’s decision is not final. The trial was opened by Rădoi for defamation, after Drulă compared the subway union with the mafia.

After two postponements, The District 1 Court rejected it as unfounded subway union complaint (USLM). However, the decision is not final, and can be appealed.
  • “Today I won the lawsuit filed by USLM, the subway union.
  • I was accused of defamation for making “statements that had a very significant impact on the dignity, honor and reputation of USLM members.”
  • In fact, all I could do was turn my head and tell some truths that dozens of ministers had avoided.
  • I hope that the new leadership of the ministry will not return to the old practices by which the minister stands in front of the illegitimate interests of some union leaders “, reacted the former minister Cătălin Drulă.

We remind you that the commercial spaces in the subway were demolished in the spring of this year, during the mandate of Cătălin Drulă as Minister of Transport. Until then, the USLM union led by former PSD MP Ion Rădoi rented the subway space under a contract with Metrorex and received 75% of the rent.

Metrorex sent a summons to the company of the union led by Ion Rădoi to dismantle the commercial spaces “as a matter of urgency”, and the next day some of the trade unionists led by Rădoi and some of the workers in the commercial spaces blocked the train traffic through a protest which kept the Bucharest subway in place for almost a whole day. The blockade of the Bucharest subway generated a direct damage of about 2.8 million lei, Metrorex later announced.

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Then, Cătălin Drulă, apologized to the people of Bucharest because dozens of transport ministers “let a huge bubo, a mafia in the subway form” and had a sharp message for the “cartel leader” Ion Rădoi:

  • “As long as they are here, I assure you that the state will not give up an inch in front of the mafia.
  • Cartel leader Ion Rădoi decided that the people of Bucharest do not matter, only the money of the company they control matters
  • And I say very clearly: Rădoi, it’s over, what you’ve been doing for decades doesn’t work!
  • You turned a city upside down. Where do you think you are? You can’t do it anymore! “

On July 14, Ion Rădoi was placed under judicial control by DNA prosecutors, who accused him of offenses of using influence or authority by a person holding a leadership position in a union, in a continuous form, and blackmail. on the manner in which the commercial spaces in the subway stations were operated and managed, between September 2018 and July 2021.



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