Unfortunately, Just Eat Take Away spoils the appetite again

It may not even be the advice itself, but the text. Bernstein just doesn’t see much in the stock anymore, does he?

This seems to be the trigger for another price slump from Just Eat Takeway today. The price is now even at the bottom of the downward trend channel since October last year. Are the sellers finally running out? The volumes are indeed increasing and this can be done on either the bottom bubble if it vomit moment indicate, but you have zero certainty.

I think that’s the funny thing about the Netherlands. In the meantime, half the forum and Twitter CEO Jitse Groen will tell you what he should and should not do to pull the course out of the swamp. Because building a billion-dollar technology company in a new and highly competitive market, who doesn’t know it?

The name GrubHub is often mentioned, because everyone has an opinion about it, including Bernstein. Perhaps it was also not very useful for JET to report in the Q3 updates that there is talk about this part. She actually indicated that the company is not that important, or that Just Eat itself is disappointing?

I am also starting to speculate, just like I can imagine that there is certainly takeover interest at the current prices. Anyway, I would leave it up to the CEO, because he has a good track record in this difficult sector. And he doesn’t do anything. Meanwhile, the stock is getting cheaper in more ways.

Or is the fund more expensive? Whether or not the expected revenue growth is disappointing, the expected profit is falling and that is of course never a good sign. Our desk has the share on Hold to stand. Perhaps this is indeed the best: selling now after such a large decline does not seem logical.

You may have to wait for a technical turn, there is also no reason to buy the share in such a downtrend?


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