Car news: and what about the “bird” is an unusual French limousine Citroen C5X?

Against the background of the eccentric big Citroen made earlier, the C5 X looks even very normal. In terms of size, ideas and shapes, it can be compared to the Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake.

“Citroen is bold when it comes to design. Often the avant-garde borders on excesses. But the C5 X is unexpectedly harmonious. This part gives a representative look, and in particular the reference to the Citroen C6, which was then driven by the French President. These lamps represent the most modern part of Citroen, and when you step back, you can see that this is a higher-class product, ”says Normunds Avotiņš.

Citroen also strives to produce finer-than-usual taillights and other components. There are reasons for this, because in China, a major market for Citroen and DS, the C5X is a luxury car.

“I remember how the C5 X first appeared in Riga. It was at a car show. From the beginning, people thought it was convenient. But then he looked at it for the second, third time, and in the end it started to appreciate that the wings at the back were nicely raised. In general, the car is so representative that there is a clear lack of a coat of arms or other chic on the middle roof supports. ”

More importantly, the C5X door does not cover the sill, but even covers it from below, where an additional seal is fitted.

“Assuming the C5 X becomes the car of the French president’s office, one should make sure that everything is fine in the back. Well then…”

The door could open wider, but fortunately it is long.

“Citroen is another C5, a crossover Aircross. Pretty cool car, just little space in the back. C5 X this issue has been resolved. The letter X in the model’s name raises concerns that it is once again a self-made crossover. It’s a big, fair passenger car. It is a combination of station wagon, sedan and elevator. Why? I’ll show you right away. “

The proportions of the luggage compartment are in the best traditions of the Sportback or even Shooting Brake models. The question is, what traditions has Citroen stuck to in the C5X?

“Such a Citroen costs around 40,000. They have worked hard to make us feel different here. Vertical panel, I sit low, there are new finishing materials, wireless chargers. New multimedia system, different buttons on the door. The only thing you would want more expensive is the steering wheel.

But on the other hand, the lacquered middle is a reference to the past of Citroen limousines, which had a single-spoke steering wheel. ”

Ten years ago, the most logical choice for a large French car would be a lush diesel, preferably a 2.7-liter V6 like the Citroen C6.

“A big car needs decent power, especially if it has even a small premium ambition. Citroen does not have such a large engine today. But 180 hp is what provides dynamics on a daily basis. ”

Although the engine is not large, it has at least four cylinders instead of three, although it is an option.

“Maybe everything is not perfect here, and I would like to pull the corner further, but overall a serious application. It must be said that it also steers well, pleasant in size and straightforward. ”

In this respect, the C5X surpasses its extravagant and somewhat sloppy ancestors with its new “advanced hydraulic” suspension.

“But what about the super-comfort suspension? It works. Not quite like the old Citroen, but here’s an interesting effect. Maybe he swings more than he wants at times, but it suits the image. ”

Well, Citroen has come out with something really unseen. The C5 X is a big, spacious, comfortable car, sometimes too comfortable. It may have been cheaper, but nowadays all cars are more expensive. Driving it does not leave the impression that this Citroen could be electric. It should be an electric car. Half electric can be obtained as PHEV.


How is it then? Is the C5X a crossover or not? Citroen tells us it is. On the one hand the clearance is higher and the black plastic edge. But on the other hand, there is no all-wheel drive or driving mode. I think we can stick to a compromise. The Citroen C5x is something very similar to the Volvo XC, except that it is not a wagon and without AWD.

Citroen C5 X

+ extra smooth suspension

+ decent assembly quality

+ spacious, long cabin

– annoying gearshift switch

– Gurds acceleration

– uncertain future value

Engine: 1598 ccm, R4 turbo

Capacity: 180

Acceleration: 8.1

Consumption: 6.6

CO2: 139

Price: from 31,990 euros

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