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Bronx Borough Vice President Encourages Community to Donate Blood to Address Critical Need

Early Monday morning, the Bronx Borough Vice President set an example and asked the community to donate blood.

“62% of the US population is eligible to donate blood, but only 3% do, it’s an incredible number that scares us,” said Janet Peguero, Bronx Borough Vice President.


“Because in the Latino, African-American areas, blood is needed much more.”

“Our Associate Borough President @jpegnyc_ and staff joined @uhhmuseum and @NYBloodCenter to donate blood at BX Borough Hall. As a blood donor, you could be saving lives and we need your help,” she wrote in a social media post. Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson.


Precisely, according to Yadira Navarro, director of community services for the NY Blood Center, some blood groups are specific to certain racial and ethnic groups. Therefore, it is essential that the diversity of donors matches the diversity of patients.


“Genetically we have antigens that represent our culture, when we donate, Latino patients (who) need blood specifically qualified for them, have a better chance of receiving that blood,” said Navarro.

Due to a shortage of donors, locally and nationally, the NY Blood Center, in conjunction with the Bronx Hip Hop Museum, began a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood to save lives.

“This week only, from August 7 to August 11, each person who registers on our page will receive a t-shirt with the museum’s design, one ‘blood one love,'” added Navarro.

The one-week campaign is given for the 50th anniversary of HIP HOP, a musical genre that was born in NYC, one of the most diverse cities in the country.

“As a prelude to the concert for the 50 great years of hip hop at Yankee Stadium, celebrate by giving blood and remember Hip Hop is for all of us,” said Rocky Bucano, executive director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

She also donated her blood…

To see the different donation places and schedule appointments, access this link nybc.org/hiphop/

“You can easily save someone’s life, quickly, but also give other patients time to get the treatments or surgeries they need to survive,” Navarro said.

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