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Govt, Aided, KUCTE, Self-help colleges Ida to all vacancy in 1st year BD courses BUS, General, KUCTE Management Fee, Centralized Spot Assignment Camp will be held at Palayam University Senate Hall on 19th October. Registration time is 8 am
All students who participate in the spot assignment from 10 to 10 online Last application printout (in the KUCTE management fee) Students who have applied (with application printout) Must report before 10pm Latecomers will receive a Reason not considered. Admission to Allotment Centers for Students Only There is Affidavit of Students Who Cannot Appear for Any Reason Nalki is Sending the Savior.

Spot Allotment for students currently studying at TC college can only be purchased after admission is gained Students participating in Spot Allotment are also eligible for Marklist Copies of other certificates proving Rutan.

EDBUS teachers must have documents proving the reservation, it is necessary. Documented eligibility at time of online application submission Proof certificates to be presented at time of spot award Students who fail to do so will be excluded from the award process.

Exam result

First and Second Semester (Distance Education) Peer held in February Ksha result declared. For review and revision of subjects other than sociology Overview of sociology subjects for online and online up to 21 You can apply for revision and reassessment up to 25. Details on the website.

5th semester B.Sc Informatica (Mercy) held in March Chance 2010, 2011, 2012 Admission) Outcome declared. 28 Online for review and reassessment May apply. Details on website.


Scheme 8th Semester 2008 Scheme June 2022, Scheme 2013 Scheme May 2022 Civil Engineering and Computer Science Sectors Practical Tests Hours Announced shouted Details on the website.

6th Semester MCA and Viva Project (Regular & Supplementary, 2015 Scheme) Will be held in the respective colleges on the 28th. Details on the website.

1st Semester BA, BSc, BCom (New Generation Double Main Program) Mukal) (Admission 2021), Nov 2022 Graduation Examination Timetable Released shouted Details on website.


4th Semester CBCSS BSc (Regular 2020 Admission, Improveme NT 2019 Admission, Supplementary 2018, 2017, 2016 Admission, Mercychance 2015, 2014, 2013 Adm. Shan), of the Geology Course (Core and Complementary) of the August Exam. ) Practical exams will start from the 22nd in the respective colleges n. Detailed timetables are available on the website.

Second Semester CRCBCS 2 (Ya) B SC Computer Science (320) (Regular 2021 Admission, Supplementary 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Admission, Merseychance 2013, 2014, 2015 Admission) for Exam Practice Will start from 24 Details on the website.

Second semester Career Related CBCS B held in September CA (332) (Regular 2021 Admission, Improvement, Supplementary 2020 Admission, Supplementary 2017 2019 Admission, Mercy Chance 2013 2016 Admission) Exams 21 and 22, 23 and 24 in their respective colleges. Details on website.

Examination office

8th, 9th and 10th Semester BRC (2008 Program) (Admission 2010, 2011, 2012) Registration for the supplementary exams will start on November 17th. 24 without penalty, 28 with penalty of Rs 150 and 30 with penalty of Rs 400 are eligible to apply. Details on website.

8th Semester 2018 Program (Regular Admission 2018) Starting December 2014 Program (Supplementary Admission 2014 2017) Bachelor of Hotel Management and Kata RING TECHNOLOGY (BHM/BHMCT) EXAM INVITATION QUESTIONS chu 23 without penalty, 26 with Rs 150 fine and 29 with Rs 400 fine Apply online. Details on website.

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