Barcelonagate Investigation: Former CSKA Player Denies Connection to Ex-PM Borisov, Model and Businessman Questioned as Witnesses

To take DNA from her child if they want, she knows it’s complete nonsense and doesn’t care

Former CSKA football player Stanko Yovchev categorically stated to “Bulgaria Dnes” that his family does not know ex-Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. His sister, Miss Bikini 2006 Borislava Yovcheva, continues to be implicated in the infamous “Barcelonagate” investigation.

According to publications, the beauty lived in the mansion scandalously acquired by Borisov in the Catalan capital. Moreover, it is claimed that Boyko is the father of her daughter Emma. The scandal gained popularity again after the prosecutor’s office requested the immunity of the GERB leader in order to be investigated precisely on this affair. Sufficient evidence of money laundering was gathered in the pre-trial proceedings against Borisov. A few years ago, the specialized anti-corruption unit of the Spanish prosecutor’s office traced the origin of 5 million euros.

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The house in Barcelona was mentioned for the first time in an investigation by the Spanish media “El Periodico” at the beginning of 2020, when Borisov was prime minister for the third time.

On May 25, 2023, GERB leader Boyko Borisov was questioned as a witness in the Barcelonagate pre-trial proceedings. A few days later, the prosecutor’s office requested Borissov’s immunity.

On Wednesday, the model Ivayla Bakalova and the former head of “Lukoil” Valentin Zlatev were questioned as witnesses.

“I know enough about this case. Many people know, but they are afraid to speak. The case is obvious for all of Bulgaria. The prosecutor’s office was sleeping until now, I am happy that it finally woke up. I have received threats on my life, but I am not worried, no I want security,” Bakalova said before her interrogation at the prosecutor’s office.

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Boyko Borisov announced that he will not give his immunity voluntarily. According to him, the prosecutor’s request is aimed at not having a government, and he recalled that he was without immunity for two years. Regarding Bakalova, he commented that he did not know her and had never even met her.

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