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Bank of Latvia Releases ‘Rīgas Modes’ Silver Collection Coin – History of Latvian Fashion

On December 13, the Bank of Latvia will issue a silver collection coin “Rīgas modes” dedicated to the history of Latvian fashion.

“The central image characteristic of Riga fashion is a woman – emancipated, self-confident, with her own style and attitude – which is still the case today,” says the Bank of Latvia. “Riga fashion is not just a story about clothes, shoes and accessories. Fashion is a complex concept that, in the context of the 60s-80s of the 20th century, covers the entire textile industry from sewing at home to the mass production of clothes and fabrics on the territory of Latvia. It also includes graphic design in fabric prints, creation of texts, typefaces and other means of communication, including fashion shows, their scenography and music.”

The author of the coin’s graphic design is Alina Grīnpaukas, a world-renowned and sought-after fashion designer and illustrator. The obverse of the coin shows a seated woman with bright red lips, wearing a dress with bright floral patterns. On the back of the coin, in the upper part, there is a sample of fabric and a stylized cut in blue color, in the lower part, a cut fragment of fabric with a bright floral print. In the middle part of the coin, on the left, the inscription “Rīgas Modes” on a mirror-smooth background, along the right edge in a semicircle on a matte background – the inscriptions 5 EURO, LATVIA and the year 2023.

The price of a coin is 75 euros, purchase limit per person – 3 coins. The mintage of the coin is 3000 copies. The coin was minted at the Italian mint “Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato SpA”.

“Rīga fashion” is a widely known concept and describes an active period in the history of Latvian fashion in the 60s-80s of the 20th century. in the years when the company “Rīgas Modeļu nams” (1948–1997) and the popular magazine “Rīgas Modes” (1949–1993) experienced prosperity and popularity. It was the time when the atelier “Rīgas modes” was also established with a specially designed house on Brīvības Street.

The magazine “Rīgas Modes” is associated with very bright and personal memories for many women. The artist on the coin included the message that the value of the magazine was much wider than just the distribution of silhouettes and cuts – it formed a sense of taste and style, demonstrated a standard of beauty, which is also the basis of the coin’s visual concept. On the reverse side of the coin, the artist depicted a stylized cut, because each edition of the “Rīgas Modes” magazine was worth gold and was passed from hand to hand.

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