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Simen Lyse: Norway’s Championship Debutant for Handball European Championship 2023

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Championship debutant Simen Lyse. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG


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Championship debutant Simen Lyse. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG

TRONDHEIM (VG) On Monday, national team manager Jonas Wille selected the squad for the handball European Championship in Germany, which starts in the new year. There it is with a championship debutant.


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– I don’t think we have had so many good players in good form ever. In that sense, it has been difficult, says Jonas Wille at a press conference in Trondheim on Monday.

The men’s handball European Championship will be held in Germany from 10 January to 28 January. Norway is in a group with Slovenia, Poland and the Faroe Islands.


National team squad


Torbjørn Bergerud (Kolstad) Kristian Sæverås (Leipzig)


Sebastian Barthold (Aalborg) Alexandre Blonz (GOG) Kristian Bjørnsen (Aalborg) Kevin Gulliksen (TTH Holstebro)


Petter Øverby (THW Kiel) Magnus Gullerud (Kolstad) Henrik Jakobsen (GOG)


Vetle Eck Aga (Kolstad) Magnus Abelvik Rød (Kolstad) Harald Reinkind (THW Kiel) Sander Sagosen (Kolstad) Gøran Søgard Johannessen (Kolstad) Tobias Grøndahl (Elverum) Christian O´Sullivan (Magdeburg) Sander Andreassen Øverjordet (KIF Kolding) Erik Thorsteinsen Toft (KIF Kolding) Simen Ulstad Lyse (Kolstad) Show more

Kolstad player Simen Lyse (23) makes his championship debut.

– He has played so well. We just had to find a place for him. He has shown against the very biggest that he has something to do at that level. He is fearless, says the national team manager.

Sander Sagosen is also of course in the squad. He joined Kolstad before the season after a three-year spell in German Kiel.

KOLSTAD: Sander Sagosen is one of seven Kolstad players selected for the EC squad. Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB

– Can you say that Sagosen has benefited from coming home to Kolstad? asks the VG national team manager.

– No one has the facts about it, because a very short time has passed. But so far there has been a very good effect and a very good development. The physicality is one thing, but also the role he has in Kolstad: the role of playmaker and finisher. There is a nice balance to it. They have also created a collective where there are several in the squad who have interaction rehearsals, says Jonas Wille to VG.

– The total of that, I think, has made Sander a better player, he concludes.

There are seven Kolstad players in the squad.


Norway’s matches in the group stage

11 January against Poland13. January against the Faroe Islands15. January against Slovenia

All matches with return at 20.30.

Sea view

Norway opens the EC against Poland on 11 January in Berlin.

The main round is played in Hamburg, while the final matches of the tournament take place in Cologne.


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