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American Idol’ Season 22: Top 14 Contestants Revealed as ‘Idol’ Stars Discuss Friendship

Top 14 Contestants Revealed on ‘American Idol’ – Vote Now!

Top 14 Contestants Revealed on ‘American Idol’ – Vote Now!

This vote got the biggest reaction of the night

After the thrilling episodes of “American Idol” this week, the highly anticipated Top 14 contestants have finally been revealed. The entire nation eagerly watched as the viewers cast their votes, determining which singers would progress to the next stage of the competition. The night was filled with astonishing performances, emotional moments, and yes, even a wardrobe malfunction!

“American Idol” viewers’ reaction to Ajii’s elimination

When Ajii, the 27-year-old nursing home security guard from Brooklyn, didn’t receive enough votes to automatically secure a spot in the Top 14, the audience erupted with boos, expressing their strong disagreement. The passionate crowd even started chanting Ajii’s name, truly showing their support for the talented singer.

A mesmerizing performance and a wardrobe malfunction

Roman Collins took the judges’ advice to heart and delivered a breathtaking rendition of James Brown’s classic hit, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” However, the power behind his performance had an unexpected consequence. Katy Perry’s unique stylish outfit, resembling Chicago’s famous Cloud Gate, experienced a minor malfunction as a piece of it came loose, causing a humorous yet memorable moment for Perry and the entire audience.

The final Top 14 contestants

After careful deliberation, the judges selected Jayna Elise, Nya, Jordan Anthony, and Roman Collins to join the Top 10 contestants determined by viewer votes. Unfortunately, this means we had to say goodbye to some incredible talents, including Quintavious, Kennedy Reid, Jennifer Jeffries, Ajii, Odell Bunton Jr., and Mackenzie Sol. Odell Bunton Jr., as the first platinum ticket winner of the season, surprised everyone by not advancing further, showcasing the fierce level of competition this season.

Support your favorite contestant with your vote

The power to determine the winner of “American Idol” is now in your hands! Show your support for your favorite contestant by casting your vote. Visit idolvote.abc.com or download the “American Idol” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also text your favorite contestant’s assigned number to 21523. Remember, every vote counts!

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