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Ministry of ICT Celebrates Milestones in Colombian Audiovisual Industry at Ficci 2024

Over the past two decades, the Ministry of ICT has been very involved in the International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias (Ficci), promoting and strengthening the audiovisual industry in Colombia .

In the 2024 version of the competition, two very important historical events are being celebrated for the audiovisual industry in Colombia: the 70 years of television in the country and the 40 years of the India Catalina Awards, the most important television awards in Colombia. For this reason, the Ministry offers a rich agenda of commemorative activities, in recognition of the great effort it is making in financing public audiovisual content where business actors come together, creating spaces for interaction, networking, generating and exchanging knowledge.

One of these events is a presentation of the audiovisual productions funded by the Ministry, which will take place on April 17 at Baluarte San Francisco Javier at 5 pm This event will bring together the winners of the calls, representatives of public channels, influencers. and the media, to emphasize the funded productions made by public television, highlighting the quality and cultural diversity, as a valuable audio-visual legacy for the country’s cultural representation.

The Minister of ICT, Mauricio Lizcano, will also participate in the India Catalina Awards 2024, which will be held on April 18 at the Plaza de la Aduana. It is worth mentioning that public television has 95 nominations for this share, which shows the growth and quality of productions financed by FUTIC.

Likewise, the Ministry will hold three Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshops in Nido, Ficci’s academic record. These workshops, each lasting 180 minutes, focus on the practical use of AI in the audiovisual industry, covering scriptwriting, editing, post-production and content distribution.

As part of his participation in Ficci, Minister Lizcano leads the regional television roundtable with public media managers, to strengthen strategies and cooperation in the sector.

The ICT Ministry’s participation reaffirms the Transition Government’s commitment to strengthening the audio-visual industry, promoting and increasing the quality of public television content in the country. This support and the results they bring are an example of the work being done to make Colombia a Digital Power.

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