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Air Quality Alert Issued as Wildfire Smoke from Canada Threatens State

Air quality has been rapidly deteriorating in the state, due to the wildfires in Canada. Therefore, a poor air quality alert was issued for various parts of the state.

This was reported by Governor Kathy Hochul.

From the Greenwich Village neighborhood, the president reported that the smoke from the fires is expected to arrive starting this Wednesday, starting in the west and center of the state, letting itself be felt in our city when it reaches dangerous levels in some areas.

Hochul assured that for this day, the air quality will be considered “unhealthy”

The alert issued Tuesday for western, central and eastern Ontario forecasts the poor air quality index to be between 150 and 200 in the western part of the state, and between 101 and 150 in the eastern part.

These alerts are issued when ozone or fine particles are expected to exceed an Air Quality Index value of 100.

During the recent smoke that covered our city, the air quality index reached over 400 points.

If this index exceeds 150, they urge all New Yorkers to take the following precautions:

– Limit time outdoors and/or take frequent breaks.

– Avoid prolonged and intense outdoor activities (this is especially important for caregivers, since children with asthma are especially sensitive).

– Call 911 if you or someone you care for has trouble breathing.

– Monitor conditions and be prepared. Now is a good time to get a mask, in case the air quality worsens. The city already stocks masks at FDNY fire stations and NYPD stations, and plans to expand supply to more vulnerable communities.

– When air quality is poor, wearing a high-quality respirator (eg N95) can reduce exposure to harmful pollutants. We will continue to inform New Yorkers about air quality throughout the summer. The situation will change regularly, but we can be prepared for the coming months.

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