About the future and independence of the RED Project CD

CD The RED project is not settled on roses, but the crisis seems to have been overcome and the departure of important team members after the release Cyberpunk 2077 they are perhaps also a thing of the past. The management of the Polish studio is looking to the future, the president has told the company what they want to focus on.

In a new interview for Polish economic news Republic President of the CD Project to repeat the goal of starting work on two AAA projects in 2022. It goes hand in hand with March noticeThey will focus on Sorcerers and Cyberpunk, the brands that offer the most potential.

“We are currently focusing on our two franchises,” Adam Kiciński answered the question of whether they were thinking of any other brands. “Both have huge potential, so one of our strategic goals is to start working in parallel on AAA projects within our intellectual property in 2022.” This means that CD Projekt would like to start working on two AAA projects from the worlds of The Sorcerer and Cyberpunk next year.

They will certainly help to achieve this goal two acquisitions this year. The CD project has expanded to include a Vancouver studio Digital Scapes, which participated in, for example, Dying Light or Cyberpunk 2077. The second purchase was an American studio The Molasses Flood, founded in Boston in 2014. It is responsible for the rogue-like adventure The Flame in the Flood of 2016 and last year’s survival Drake Hollow.

It is at The Molasses Flood that the situation is most interesting. The press release stated that the team would not be integrated into existing teams. Instead, it retains its own identity and will work on his own, ambitious game project, which uses one of the brands that the CD Project belongs to. Which means Sorcerer or Cyberpunk. There is speculation that The Molasses Flood will take the reins of the development of multiplayer Cyberpunk.

Together CD Project employs more than 1,200 people. 660 of them belong to the CD CD Projekt RED, a third of them are working on updates and a next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077. The rest are creating the first extension of Cyberpunk 2077 and other projects, including Gwent.

Adam Kiciński does not rule out acquisitions of other developers. On the other hand, the Polish company does not intend to buy it. He wants to remain independent and is not even looking for a strategic investor.

In the same interview Kiciński also said that he believes that Cyberpunk 2077 will be considered a very good game in the long run. We wrote about it in detail here.



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