Abortion rights protests in New York | Abroad

International – Thousands of people have demonstrated in the US metropolis of New York against the possibly drastic restriction of abortion rights.

Crowds filled Foley Square in downtown Manhattan on Tuesday as attendees wore green dresses to signal their support for female empowerment. Posters read, among other things, “Misogyny kills more people than abortion” or “Stop the war against women”.

The background to this is the draft of the reasoning for the judgment of the Supreme Court, which is available to the magazine “Politico”. According to this draft, as Roe v. Wade’s famous 1973 landmark ruling should be overturned. The Supreme Court has confirmed the authenticity of the document. At the same time, the court emphasized that this was not a final decision. A final decision from the court is expected within the next two months.

Abortion rights have been the subject of heated debates in the United States. Opponents have been trying to overturn the liberal rules for decades. There is no national law that allows or prohibits abortions. However, abortions are allowed in the country at least until the fetus is viable – today around the 24th week. The basis for this is the Roe v. Wade verdict.

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