Looking for successors of Bencic and Odermatt

When the golden carpet is rolled out in the Zurich Leutschenbach television studios in December, Swiss sports stars appear in evening dresses or business suits instead of the usual sportswear. The snow sports contest will need to dress warmly on Sunday night. No less than four Olympic champions and two Olympic champions from the Beijing […]

Scandal during Jiang Zemin’s visit to Switzerland

Jiang Zemin’s reign (1993-2003) coincided with the era of China’s opening up to the West, launched by party leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979. China and Switzerland intensified their bilateral relations. At the time, the Swiss economy in particular benefited from numerous contacts at the highest level. Jiang Zemin’s visit to Bern on March 25, 1999, […]

Climate Physicists: The Political Issue of Climate Change | Abroad

“The fact is: we can stop climate change because we have the necessary prerequisites,” says Knutti. But if the parties deny the facts, it will be very difficult. “Right now we’re on our way.” There are too many special interests, political trench warfare and short-term thinking. “And all this has been accentuated in recent years”. […]

Federal Councilor Parmelino visits the square

The summit began with greetings from HSG Rector Bernhard Ehrenzeller, Stefan Kölliker, government adviser and head of the Department of Education and Federal Councilor Guy Parmelin. As a result, Federal Councilor Parmelin was questioned in an interview with former newspaper host Franz Fischlin – inter alia about the state of digitization in the Federal Palace, […]

Meta has to sell the Giphy platform

The group must separate from the company that was already taken over in 2020. A new buyer for Giphy must be approved by the CMA. The antitrust authorities had already instructed Meta in November last year to sell Giphy again. The group, on the other hand, went to court – and this ordered a new […]

WILWEST is rejected with 52.58% of votes without votes

Statement by the Governing Council of the Canton of St. Gallen Voters from the canton of St. Gallen refused the special loan for the development of the Wil West area. This does not call the whole WILWEST project into question. With the decision, however, it is clear that the planned economic area will not be […]

Lauwarm puts the topic of racism in the foreground

Cultural Appropriation – The reggae band, whose concert in Bern was canceled due to allegations of cultural appropriation, believes it is important to discuss this topic. Among other things, it is about racism. At times, however, the discussion went in the wrong direction. “Many don’t know what cultural appropriation is about,” said singer Dominik Plumettaz […]

Lightning shorten in Stanley Cup final | Sports at home/abroad

NHL – The decision in the Stanley Cup finals is adjourned. The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Colorado Avalanche in Denver 3-2 in game five, reducing the series to 2-3. Twice the Avalanche were able to respond to a deficit, the home side had no answer to the third Lightning goal, scored by Ondrej Palat […]

Trans people in the focus of the Zurich Pride

Festival – Under the motto “trans – living diversity”, the large political demonstration parade of Pride with many thousands of participants moved through downtown Zurich on Saturday. Trans people should be able to live without restrictions and exclusion, they demanded. The organizers spoke of the record number of 40,000 participants. The parade started at 2:00 […]

Tampa Bay Lightning second finalist

NHL – Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning contest the Stanley Cup this year. The first game of the NHL finals takes place in Denver on Thursday night. Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the New York Rangers 2-1 in Florida and won the best-of-7 series with 4-2 wins. Captain Steven Stamkos managed a brace. The Canadian […]